Science of Mind & Spirit Classes

Science of Mind & Spirit Classes

Science of Mind classes are for students on a spiritual journey toward personal healing and transformation through the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. Through this curriculum, individuals are invited to explore the power of conscious living, positive thinking, powerful techniques and spiritual practices. These classes are certified with the Centers for Spiritual Living in Golden, Colorado.

The courses are divided into three progressive levels:

Level One

These courses begin your journey of transformation! Learning techniques and skills, spiritual practices, and an introduction to the basic principles of the Science of Mind we invite you to explore the teachings of Science of Mind and the writings of Ernest Holmes in depth and for your deepening personal application. Foundations and one (1) of the Ernest Holmes Classes are required to move on to Level Two. Once you have completed Foundations, you may take any level 2 classes that you choose.

Level Two

These courses are designed to provide a life-long learning program in consciousness deepening, practical application, and spiritual theory. Foundations is required to take any Level Two class. Completion of 6 courses between Level One and Two allows a student to enter Level Three, Inward Journey/Deep Mysticism.

Level Three, Inward Journey or Deep Mysticism

This class is an intensive 30-week course for the spiritually committed, maturing student. A spiritual boot camp for growth and transformation. Heal your life at every level! Create the life you choose! To qualify for this class, you must have completed 6 courses within five years,  including Foundations, a History course, an Ernest Holmes course and 3 other certificated courses with at least 1 Consciousness course.

Each course is registered, upon completion, with the  Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO (CSL). Any course registered with the Center is transferable to any Affiliated Community of the Centers for Spiritual Living, just as CSLDallas honors any registered Science of Mind course that a student has taken at any Affiliated Community.


Level Three