Be inspired by Ernest Holmes’ spiritual journey while deepening your understanding and practice of the Science of Mind.

Explore the physical healings, philosophical development, and spiritual path of Ernest Holmes. Walk  beside this great scholar, teacher, metaphysician and visionary and see where the path leads you.  Think that you can’t heal or don’t yet understand spiritual truth to the depth you’d like to? Learn from the man who, from his youth, exhibited an insatiable curiosity about science, philosophy, psychology, and religion and found a way to teach all of us a new way of thinking about life and a new understanding of Divine Reality.

Dive into a deeper understanding of the Science of Mind philosophy. Immerse yourself in the stimulating, challenging, bold realizations about mental science from which Ernest Holmes inspired a life-transforming, New Thought philosophy called the Science of MInd.  See for yourself how the ideas developed and explore right alongside Ernest Holmes. Would you come to the same conclusions or will you take it even deeper?


Length of Class: 8-weeks

Prerequisite: Foundations of the Science of Mind

Course Hours: 24

Text Books:

  • Open at the Top – Neal Vahle
  • That Was Ernest – Reginald C. Armor
  • Plus other selected books by Ernest Holmes, provided in class

Tuition: $245

This is a  Science of Mind, LEVEL TWO Philosophy Course

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