CSLDallas Sacred Travel

Traveling opens our minds to new experiences and our hearts to new people. It offers intimate opportunities to travel with our ministers to connect, learn, and grow. CSLDallas Spiritual Travel are spiritual pilgrimages – inviting us to go deeper into our spiritual practice and teachings through the lens of the people and places we visit. Combining sacred places with morning spiritual practice allows us to learn and practice together. Eating, exploring, riding, and rooming together allows us to connect to CSLDallas folks in ways beyond compare.

Here are a few comments from a recent Fall Foliage Tour – Exploring the Roots of Science of Mind in New England:

I don’t do group travel. But the chance to have a shared spiritual experience with like-minded people whose company I enjoy is too powerful to resist!  ~ Bert Headden

The trips are a time to connect at a deep level with others in our community and to explore the depths of our spiritual beliefs.  ~ Michael Deese

Join Rev Karen in Santa Fe in May for a priceless experience!

Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 17 – 20, 2018

4 Days and 3 nights land only
$989.00.00 Double Occupancy