November 2021

Finding Hope & Trust in Today’s World

Living a positive, practical spirituality can provide us with hope for the future and teach us to trust in the outcome regardless of the conditions of today. This requires diligent practice, however, and many may find it challenging. We can become depressed, apathetic, despairing, or simply withdraw from life, attending only to our own personal well-being. This works for a while, but we quickly learn that there really is no such thing as private good. Our lives are embedded in the life of the people around us, the society in which we live, and the world around us. Disengagement is no longer an option, yet the challenges may seem overwhelming.

Yet the very same principles and practices that we bring to growing our spiritual awareness and living a spiritually based life are the ones that allow us to live in hope rather than despair and trust rather than fear.

Excerpts from Ernest Holmes

“Think of yourself as being in partnership with the Divine Presence and Its creative Law. Learn to trust this Presence as you trust the simple fact that you are living. Do not be afraid to throw yourself in complete abandonment and with perfect acceptance into Its soft embrace, for It is closer to you than your very breath and near to you than your hands and feet. It is right where you are.”

“To trust in the law of good is to constantly believe that we are surrounded by a Power which can and will cast all fear from our minds, free us from all bondage, and set us safe and satisfied in a new order of living.”

“The great identification, then, is to come to believe with absolute certainty that there is something in you that is Divine. It is eternal. It is transcendent. It is imminent. Gradually chip away everything that would hide the sight of the integrity of your own soul. It is the only thing you have. It is the only thing you brought with you. It is the only thing you will take with you into the beyond. “To thine own self be true.”  That is the starting point. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself because you believe in God.”

“Developing confidence in ourselves, in our ability to meet and handle all undesirable situations, requires that we must have confidence in that Something which is greater than we are. Then we will have spiritual self-reliance. When this is done the lesser must always submit to the greater.  Weakness will give way to strength, despair will turn to hope, hate will become love, failure will become success, and sickness will dissolve into health. The action that takes place is not one of despotic or overruling harshness, but one that moves in harmony, love, beauty, warmth, and order, quietly transforming all that is unlike it.“


Practices for this Month:

Finding Hope

We find hope by looking for it. Begin by paying attention to what we allow into our consciousness. What movies, books, and social media articles are we feeding ourselves? Is it primarily sensational, divisive, fear-based, or dystopian? Yes, by all means, stay informed, but in small doses – don’t focus every day on the same stories that create anxiety and fear.

Look for the Good. Search out good news, locally, in the US, and around the globe. So many people, companies, and organizations are working toward a world that truly works for everyone, but they get drowned out by fear-based, sensational news.

Paying attention to what we gravitate towards also shows us how we are validating what we believe about humanity. Do we believe hope is possible? When we experience ourselves as One with the Power and Presence of Life, we can’t help but realize that everyone else is one with this Power and Presence, too. How might truly knowing this change our view of humanity and what is truly possible?

Staying Positive 

We learned it in kindergarten and it’s still just as true today – attitude is everything. Countless medical, psychological, and scientific studies have conclusively proven that a positive attitude and cheerful expectancy do, in fact, change our health, genes, beliefs, behaviors, and our very lives. We stay positive by allowing ourselves to be inspired by listening to other people’s TSRWs (This Sh*t Really Works!). We stay positive through our own self-talk and mental awareness. We stay positive by not continuously shocking ourselves with inner and outer negativity. Ultimately staying positive is a spiritual and mental discipline.

This discipline is what keeps us in the game. We come to the challenges of life, our own and the larger challenges around us, with hope for the future as well as a positive outlook on humanity, our ability to contribute, and our understanding of the spiritual power we are working with and that is working through us.

Standing In Trust 

Spiritual trust is the willingness to act on the certainty that Universal Laws are reliable and Universal Love is the impulse of Life. It doesn’t mean that we need to trust other people or human laws and social constructs. It does mean that we trust in the Higher Authority of Spiritual Truth.

Trusting in Love and Law changes everything. We develop a deep assurance that things are and will continue to work out for the good of Life. Anxiety, worry, and fear are reduced while hope and a positive attitude are enhanced.

Living In Gratitude 

When we look for the good and praise it, we are living in gratitude. The attitude of gratitude generates more of that for which we are grateful because what we focus on, grows! So being grateful for all the good that is happening, in our lives and in the world, helps to grow that very good, thereby reducing fear, diminishing despair, and eliminating anxiety. Gratitude isn’t just about good manners, it’s a powerful spiritual practice that enhances our hope and grows our trust.



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