2021 Annual Theme

Together We Rise

It’s 2021! This is the perfect year to use our spiritual Principles and Practices so that they are the wings upon which we rise into greater awareness, renewed possibility and higher consciousness.

We rise through Spirit! As individualized expressions of Love, Life, and Light, Spirit is always and forever present, right where we are. Living this truth has carried us through and now carries us higher. Awareness of the One, Infinite Reality and the creative, spiritual nature of this reality opens our mind and heart to cosmic consciousness and a deeper trust and faith. Experiencing Oneness reminds us that our purpose is co-creation. Together, the microcosm and the Macrocosm, whirl in a joyous dance of being and becoming, forever spinning potential in possibility, possibility into actuality, and actuality in the expression and experience of Love, Life and Light!

We rise through Creativity! Co-Creation is our birthright. Consciousness is our inheritance. Creativity is the tool. Imagination is where it all begins. Opening to the well-spring of creativity, which is the wisdom and guidance of Universal Intelligence pouring in, through and as each of us, allows us to raise our lives up. Whether we are rising out of chaos, confusion, fear, limitation and lack or whether we are rising up from good to better, or okay to great, the very creativity of the Universe is moving when we dream our dream, set out intention, and decide to act as if it were already manifest.

We rise through Connection! If we have seen and learned nothing else from 2020, it is how connected we truly are. The internet, social media, and zoom are providing a great physical metaphor for connection while the global nature of the pandemic has shown us that every one of us affects everyone else. Yet it is in our Connection through the Oneness of Spirit that we raise above turmoil into spiritual awareness, and it is in our connections to each other and to our community that we raise above isolation and loneliness into a deeper sense of belonging.

We rise through Faith! It is the practice of this powerful, positive philosophy that lifts us into the light of truth. Our understanding and use of the spiritual tools and laws gives us the determination, fortitude and character to go for it, no matter what. Our lives rise to greater purpose, contribution, and transformation because we cheerfully and with great expectation move forward with deep faith and abiding trust. Our lives grow, flourish and thrive because we Practice the Principles of Science of Mind – New Thought and Ancient Wisdom – Metaphysics and Mysticism – the Presence and Power – Love and Law – Meditation and Manifestation – for the great good of creating a world that works for everyone and lives that work for each of us!