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Practitioner Core Purpose Statement

The CSLDallas Practitioner Core is a beneficial presence that reveals Consciousness through prayer, coaching and service.

Faye Abdus-Salaam, RScP

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I was referred to CSLDallas by a spiritual life coach I was seeing back in 2009. I started attending CSLDallas in the fall of 2009 and became a member in 2011. As I took the classes, I watched my life transform in ways I could never imagine.

Having grown up in Christianity, practiced Islam and studied Metaphysics, Science of Mind helped me connect the dots with each of these, and even heal and release some experiences. As a teacher and coach, I enjoy having a vast background of experience to reach people and meet them where they are. I’m looking forward to serving as a practitioner and supporting the community’s growth and diversity.

I am passionate about helping others learn to use science of mind principles to create a life they love and remember the truth of who they are. I am grateful to be able to support others as so many practitioners and ministers have supported me along my journey. I am available for prayer, one-on-one sessions, group sessions, visioning or anyway you feel I may support you. I am thankful and honored to serve as a Licensed Practitioner at CSLDallas.

LaineyBerstein-WebLainey Bernstein, RScP

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I found CSLDallas in 2003, and I began studying the Science of Mind teachings in 2005. Since then, my life has changed so much for the good, as I’ve learned to apply these principles, and as I’ve sought prayer and guidance from Practitioners. Now it is my turn to support you in your process of growth into Joy, which is your birthright! I want to be there to pray with you and to shed light on any condition, as I see and know your absolute Truth.

I have been involved with the CSLDallas Music Department since 2003, and I seek to continue my ministry with music by continuing to write and perform songs throughout the movement, locally and globally. I have had some experience around Recovery and 12-step, which has sparked my passion to be a support to those who may struggle with addiction. I also feel very called to be an advocate for children of all ages.

 Tracy Brown, RScP

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Joy. Beauty. Abundance. Balance. Peace. Wisdom. Love. Wellness. Prosperity. Safety. Creativity. Harmony. Wholeness. Freedom. Which do you choose? Let me help you understand spiritual principles and apply spiritual practices in your daily life. I can support you with prayer, individual counseling or group coaching opportunities designed to address your specific needs.

My personal motto for many years has been “You always have a choice.” And while some of my choices didn’t turn out as well as I thought they would, I always knew if I wanted to have a different outcome then it was up to me to choose a new direction.

There are many adjectives that could describe my life: business owner, skater, volunteer, author, leader, teacher, friend, student, daughter, manager, juror, cat lover, wife, choreographer, typesetter and many others. It is this variety of life experience – combined with the rigorous training required to become a licensed Professional Practitioner – that prepares me to meet you wherever you are and help you create the life you want to experience.

Just like you, I’ve had high highs and low lows. I’ve leaned on others and have had others lean on me. There have been times I’ve had money and times when I didn’t. I’ve fallen down and I’ve gotten up. But since 1986 I have used universal spiritual principles to infuse my life with peace and joy. And what I know for sure is this: “There is a Power for Good in the Universe … and we can use It.”

So contact me when you are ready to turn your average life into a amazing adventure. Or call me when it’s hard to recognize the perfection of your life because you’re experiencing so much pain. I promise to see you using the eyes and Mind of Spirit. And I promise to help you remember who you really are.

SandraFrancis-WebSandra Francis, RScP

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Religious Science and its teachings have made a profound impact on my life, and I wish to share the spiritual principles I have learned with others. I believe that our every thought affects our lives in some way, and that we can effect changes in our lives by changing our thinking. By becoming more aware of the truth of who we are, we are able to gradually take responsibility for our lives.

Sandra is a Texas native and has lived and worked in the Dallas area since 1967. After being introduced to Religious Science in 1993, she completed her practitioner training, receiving her license from United Church of Religious Science in 1998. As an active practitioner at the Center, Sandra is involved in teaching, visioning, and Ministry of Prayer. Sandra is also accepting clients for personal spiritual counseling and for prayer work through spiritual mind treatment. She may be contacted via telephone or email.

bert-headden-2Bert Headden, RScP

214-244-3945 /

Hi, I am Bert Headden, a member of the CSLDallas practitioner core since 2004. My chosen purpose as a practitioner is to assist others to more fully experience a world that truly works for them!
As a student of Science of Mind in excess of thirty years, I continue to be amazed at the combined simplicity and complexity of this philosophy and science. There are no secret teachings; we have all been attracting our experiences for our entire lifetimes. Through using Science of Mind, we seek to consciously cooperate with and use the principles of Life as we create our own good.
My pleasures are teaching classes and individual spiritual counseling. Please contact me if I can be of assistance in your journey through the Universe.


Avis Ives, RScP

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My passion is assisting others to live fuller lives, that express and experience the possible, rather than settling for the same ole’, the probable, or the inevitable. There is indeed a giving power for good in life and we can use it to change our lives and to generate new possibilities again and again, no matter what the circumstance or conditions appear.

I came to the CSLDallas in 2008, after being tracked by the hounds of heaven for at least 15 years.   Spirit had been calling and when I was led to CSLDallas, the hounds stopped barking and I finally heard the call. I knew that at last I found the place for expressing my spiritual philosophy and a community I can call home. What I’ve now come to understand and trust is how solid and practical these tools and practices are and what a difference it makes to live the principles and the practices daily.
I’m a Coach by profession and a Spiritual Coach by practice.  I’m about what’s practical, proven and productive.  As a practicing spiritual coach, it is my intention to support you with compassion, to attend to and affirm the Spiritual Truth of who you are, and to act in complete faith to demonstrate the Truth that life is abundant with possibility, infinite with potential and good beyond measure. I’m happy to be of service for setting a course for the changes you want for your life.

shannonz-1Shannon Kearns, RScP

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Whatever we choose to call the Infinite Un-nameable – God, the Universe, Spirit, The Love and the Law, Life, Divine Mind, Consciousness, Quantum Field, First Cause, the One – I remember that the fabric of each and every one of us IS this infinitely intelligent, infinitely wise creative stuff that knows exactly what to do in each and every moment of our lives. I know that we are forever guided and guarded, directed and protected, in all of our affairs by this Infinite Intelligence, Presence, and Love. We are whole right here and now, and standing on this powerful, fertile, sacred ground. I know that we co-create our lives with Spirit through our thoughts and beliefs. What I know to be true for each and every one of us is that perfect health, infinite abundance, boundless joy, unceasing energy, divine flow, magnificent power, instant creativity, deep connection, and love is constantly available to us at all times! We have but to claim and receive it!

I know that the way is clear for all that you dream to do and have and be. I am honored to know and claim this Truth for you so that you may experience the greatest good possible in your lives. What may seem miraculous to some is simply the natural Infinite Power of Spirit manifesting in whatever area of life we bring this Consciousness to – ALL things are possible with God. I am here to support and assist you in times of trouble and challenge, and to celebrate with and magnify the good times when things are going well! I am here to know the Truth of WHO YOU ARE.

It’s my great pleasure to know this Truth for myself, for you, and for our CSLDallas local, regional, national, and international communities.  I am available to pray with you and do client sessions, and I am honored to serve you as a licensed practitioner at CSLDallas!

mirnalopezMirna Lopez-Trevithick, Interim RScP

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I am originally from Mexico City and am proud to be a powerful Latina woman. I’m the oldest of four, raised by an amazing single mother who loved me and did all that was in her power to provide for me and let me know that I was deeply loved. She continues to do so even today. I’m bilingual and have lived in the states for almost twenty years. I live with my beloved husband, Grant, and my handsome golden retriever Shiloh.

Working full time to support myself, I have earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Development. Earning this degree on my own showed me that with a strong enough commitment, I can accomplish my goals and dreams. Today, I continue to work with children part time. I spend most of the days working with the real estate investment company that my husband and I run.

I’ve been a member of CSLDallas for more than a decade. I’ve learned to take control of my own life, creating the life that I most desire, while continually making a positive contribution to other people. I also feel a strong and deep need to be of service to others, so I made the decision to become a Practitioner of Science of Mind. Being bilingual, I’m going to concentrate on bringing the uplifting, life changing and powerful message of Science of Mind to the Hispanic community, while serving all communities at the same time.

Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Carol Merlo, RScP

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What I love about CSLDallas and the Science of Mind is that I have learned how to become aware of my thoughts and consciously shift them. I am a ‘thinker’ and so most of my life I have understood spiritual principles, but I didn’t take the emotional step of actually trusting and believing what I read or learned until I came here and made a commitment to participate full-on as a member of the community. As a result, my life has been transformed and I am happier, more relaxed, and more ‘tuned in’ to my life and love.

I became a student of metaphysics as a teenager because I was driven to find answers about why I am here and how I can be happy. As an adult, I studied psychology and came to integrate my spiritual truth with a knowledge of human behavior. But I still wasn’t happy! That is, until I found the Science of Mind. I came to CSLDallas in 2008 and started taking classes right away. I felt like I was finally home for the first time in a community. Because I love education, the classes gave me a safe way to grow and learn what I actually believed about God, Love, and my value as a human being. This transformation was the result of practicing affirmative prayer and shifting my thoughts and attitudes. Once I did that, my life changed in amazing ways. I began to attract friends, a sense of purpose, and a deep peace within that I had been seeking my whole life.

As a result of taking classes and volunteering at the Center, I eventually found myself in Practitioner training, where I discovered that the best way for me to support others was through coaching and prayer.  In fact, I feel that this is what my life is for! I am here to support you in seeing the truth of who you are, to provide a safe container where you can discover your own goodness and well-being, and to provide coaching so that you can learn in a deep way that you are a magnificent spiritual being despite your history. As you learn to dive deeply into Spiritual Practice, your life will become one of joy and love. I would love to help you experience your innate beauty, goodness, and truth through prayer, classes, and coaching.

AnitaPikinpaugh_WebAnita Pickinpaugh, RScP


I have been a student of the teachings of Ernest Holmes for more than 25 years. These teachings are a powerful practical spirituality that have stood the test of time for many decades.

I was taught as a child to listen to that Still Small Voice Within, and when I do, amazing things evolve. As Ernest Holmes said in The Science of Mind pages 445-446, “Spiritual experience is deep, calm and self assertive, it is the result of actually realizing that Presence which binds all together in one complete Whole. This experience comes in the stillness of the Soul, when the outer voice is quiet…it is a quickening of the inner man to an eternal reality.”

It is my distinct honor to assist you in discovering the stillness within your own Soul. I have a compassionate heart for service and it is my privilege to serve you through prayer.

KipQueenin-WebKip Queenan, RScP

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I began practicing Science of Mind and joined CSLDallas in 2008.  I am from Louisiana but now consider Dallas my home after living here for over 12 years.  The principles and metaphysical teachings that we practice at CSLDallas have led to such amazing transformation in my own life. I am so excited to be a part of our community as a licensed practitioner.

I have a particular interest in both metaphysics and neuroscience.  I was drawn to the integrative nature of our spiritual philosophy seeking to bring together spirituality, psychology and science.

I believe in the power of affirmative prayer and daily affirmative prayer is such a powerful spiritual practice. I have experienced so much abundance and grace in all areas of my life.  The metaphysical teachings of Science of Mind have helped me shape my life, and as a licensed practitioner I look forward to helping others use the same principles actively and consciously in their own lives.  Spiritual Law is creative, predictable and always acting.  Learning to use It consciously in co-creating your life is such a transformative practice.  “There is power for good in the Universe…and you can use it.”

Suzan Riggs, RScP


I became a licensed Spiritual Practitioner in 1999 after 5 years of study and have loved every minute. My husband Charles took me to the center in OKC, I knew I found my church home and I began taking classes. My Journey at CSL Dallas began in 2001 and I enjoyed every minute, however in 2011 I decided to move to COL in Irving and help Rev. Lari grow her center, It has since closed. I am now back to my home center to be of assistance. I am looking forward to serving the Dallas community again and serving on the amazing Practitioner core. I have experienced these fellow Practitioners first hand as awesome prayer warriors and looking forward to getting to know the ones I don’t know yet.

Dark or light, we have a choice to stay in darkness or choose light. What is the truth? The truth as we perceive it may or may not be the truth. Enlightenment, I believe is to contemplate the facts and find the truth through meditation and prayer. Our life experiences, which at that moment may seem dark and full of chaos , however we are always at choice to shed the ego self and surrender to God for enlightenment, clarity and wisdom .I have had many experiences in my life to open to that spiritual awareness, which is deeper than the thinking mind. I believe when I surrender into this majestic quality of life, my transformational experiences will inform and change my life. If we are willing to view the dark night of the soul as a spiritual opportunity, an initiation into a new life, we can awaken to a new reality. My vision for myself is a state of permanent Self-realization so I can be one of the great awakeners of faith, love, compassion, and the recognition that we are more than our bodies. Prayer works, so make my day ask me to pray for you.

peggyroberts-1Peggy Roberts, RScP

I moved to Texas in 2008 and found CSLDallas. As a member of CSL Dallas and my beloved Sangha, I have witnessed and experienced abundance in life, relationships, and community through the Science of Mind principles.

Ernest Holmes says “We have within us … a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous … in a new life”. As your practitioner, I am trained to see the Truth in you:  an expression of the Divine. I will assist you as you embrace the spiritual Truth and principles that will help you move beyond your limiting beliefs into the abundant life you desire.  I will support you as you welcome health, love, and peace in your life, and as you release fears, frustrations, and a sense of lack.

I look forward to the privilege of supporting you as you embrace the abundance of your new life!

Christine Volkmer, RScP

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There is a power for Good in the universe and we can use it. This power is the Presence that is always there, that says Yes, that moves from Love, that is as close as my next breath. I am blessed and deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as a Practitioner, to know the Truth for you, especially at times when you simply forget. The teachings of Ernest Holmes, of the Master Teacher, and of Life itself, continue to shape, guide, and demonstrate in my life. At times I have been so awestruck, I’ve run to my Practitioner and shouted, O MY GOD, this stuff really works! May you be blessed by this same awe.


SherryWood-WebSherry Wood, RScP

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My grateful heart forever reminds me to see the richness of life that is available to each one of us. The power of spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) combined with spiritual principles, has transformed my life and allowed me to know the Truth for others as well. We are the co-creators of our life experience, and I’m here to support you in creating a life that works for you!

It is my passion and honor to be in service to my spiritual home. Since I walked through the doors of CSLDallas in 2003, my life has truly been blessed beyond measure. When Spirit called me to go deeper and farther by becoming a licensed Practitioner in 2008, it was a natural unfoldment of my spiritual path.

My passion is individual spiritual coaching, teaching, and facilitating small group experiences. The laughter, the healing, the support, the learning, and the growth have all made my life immensely richer. I see the God in you… is joy, peace, love, abundance and wisdom expressing uniquely as you on your individual journey. I am here to support you on that journey as a reminder of your magnificence.

Cyndee Young, RScP


It is my great pleasure to serve the community in the capacity of Practitioner, offering prayer and coaching others on the life changing principles that Science of Mind offers. When I walked in the door of CSLDallas, I was lost and traveling through my own dark night of the soul. My life was out of balance, and I was seeking the joy that was missing in my life.

From the moment I walked in the door, I knew that I had found the spiritual home that would guide me in the change that I desired. I learned that happiness was not out there, it was within me. Discovering the truth of who I am has significantly changed my life. I have experienced joy beyond my wildest dreams, and I see the good in situations that I would have never imagined possible. I have discovered the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and witnessed amazing demonstrations in my life as well as others. One of my favorite Ernest Holmes quotes sums it up nicely: “You are more than you appear to be. Life is greater than you have ever known it. The best is yet to come.” If you are interested in prayer, one on one coaching sessions, visioning for the highest good in your life, or if you would just like to chat about the truth of who you are, please contact me in person or by phone. I am grateful to be of service to you as a Practitioner.