Making an Impact – sometimes we are in service to others and sometimes we need for others to be in service to us. Being of service is a powerful spiritual practice and allows us to have a positive, spiritually motivated impact on others, whether it’s people we love, our family, our community, or around the world.

Make an Impact in the community – BE OF SERVICE. CSLDallas is regularly involved in community service opportunities in Dallas and around the Globe. Check it out and make an impact!

Make an Impact at CSLDallas – GET INVOLVED. You have gifts to give, talents to share, and new things to learn. CSLDallas needs you to share your service in a positive, loving, spiritually growing environment. Everyone in our community carries a piece of the vision. Which piece are you carrying?

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT makes an Impact in your life – is available anytime you need your community to be in service to you. Let others support you through powerful Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer), Professional Spiritual Coaches, and Pastoral Care.

CEREMONIES FOR YOU make an Impact in your life and in the life of your family – These ceremonies are specially designed by our ministers and practitioners to help you mark those special moments in your life, bless your home and pets, and create significant life passage rituals.

STEPPING UP IN TIMES OF NEED: When there is a time of challenge in our community, we want to show our support to those in need. When it comes to helping in bringing aid to natural disasters, or simply showing our social activism, we want to stand as an example of strength. Through charitable contributions, holding benefit events, or fundraisers, we continue to help create solutions in a time of crisis. We invite you to be a part of this ongoing commitment. If you have a need or you are looking to be of service please contact: Ryan at