Unlimited Visibility Circle

Meeting Information: Every Thursday from 7 – 8:30 pm. Please reach out to Circle Leader for updated times and meeting information.

Purpose: To practice knowing there is nothing more vital for us to understand than our inseparable oneness with God.  To support each other and practice connection to the one life.

Mission: We meet to go through Stephanie Sorensen’s book Unlimited Visibility “Lessons and Processes to Improve Your “I” sight.”  The book is inspired by the teachings of the Science of Mind by Dr. Ernest Holmes. The intention is to assist the reader through lessons and processes in learning to use more effectively the Unlimited Power of Mind which is present within her or him.  There are twenty-six lessons which we will study as a group. Each lesson is followed by a Process application to the lesson and meditation to close.


  • Check-in and invocation
  • After Check-ins the leader or appointed person will read the lesson out loud, do the exercise as a group and then the meditation with that lesson to close.  
  • Each lesson is laid out in the book per week.
  • Each meeting will be a topic in the book for that week.
  • People do not have to attend every week thought encouraged to attend for the 26 weeks. 
  • We will communicate with those registered what they missed, and they will be asked to go through the lesson on their own
  • Everyone will be encouraged to buy the book

Unlimited Visibility Circle

Leader of Circle

Wilene Dunn 713-518-4914 
[email protected]