Course In Miracles


Meeting: Every Sunday, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm for 52 weeks 

Purpose of Circle: To discuss our interpretation of the Course of Miracles material and how it applies to our everyday life. We will also support each other in the Daily Lessons. 

We meet to discuss our understanding of the material, New Thought, and how it applies to our everyday life and Science of Mind, our way of life. The book is inspired by Universal teachings. The intention is to discuss the Chapters content and share our ideas and perspectives of the readings. There are 365 Daily Lessons. Participants can purchase A Course in Miracles here: 


  • Check-in and invocation
  • Group Discussion
  • Benediction and Close

Leaders of Circle: Wilene Dunn and Brenda Medeiros will be leading a Course in Miracles Discussion Group. 

Please contact Circle Leader to attend

Wilene Dunn, (713)518-4914 (cell) [email protected] 

Brenda Medeiros 

(781) 789-6973 [email protected] 

There have been a couple of questions and I would like to address them. 

  1. Does this Course cost?
  2. The only cost to you is purchasing the combination book with the Workbook for Students
  3. Do I have to attend every weekly discussion?
  4. No. However, the group is here to be connection to journey with others in our studies, accountability for doing the lessons and sharing together ideas and discuss the lessons and chapters to support each other.


Course In Miracles:

Come together to use these powerful teachings 


Wilene Dunn, 

[email protected],