Friday Night Lights

CSLDallas Introduces Friday Night Lights!

Starting in 2017, we’re offering something to engage in each Friday Night to Light You Up!

Our Friday Night Line-Up includes some popular engagements and new engagements!

  • 1st Fridays – Drum Circle
    Drum your prayers and set your intentions for the month!
  • 2nd Fridays – Book of the Month Engagement
    Dive Deep, Discuss, and Experience the specially chosen Book of the Month
  • 3rd Fridays – Kirtan Meditation
    Experience a meditative state through music and chanting
  • 4th Fridays – TED Talk
    Watch a TED Talk tied to our monthly theme and get ready to explore it more
  • 5th Fridays – Dance Your Prayers
    Immerse yourself in free-form Conscious dance