Classes at CSLDallas

Classes at CSLDallas beckon you to an exciting adventure in learning. You are invited into deep personal growth and rich spiritual exploration through the tracks and courses offered here. Our classes encourage you to pursue whatever level of personal, spiritual, or professional work in the world you feel called upon to do.

Through academic rigor, breadth of content and depth of experiential processes, our education program is committed to fostering growth and transformation in adult students. There are four main areas of classes at CSLDallas. Each area is designed to offer an ever-deepening experience, while providing for continuing education and certification possibilities.

The following links describe the content of each area:

  • Science of Mind Certificated Classes
  • Personal Growth Classes
  • Success and Leadership Consciousness Classes
  • Practitioner/Ministry Classes

Please click on the Calendar to learn about upcoming classes or go directly to the Register and Purchase page to view by class name.

The section entitled Discounts and Policies provides more details on policies and procedures such as attendance; payments and discounts; auditing, and other miscellaneous information.

It is with great joy and expectations of wonder that we welcome you into this great adventure.  The class instructors and class assistants, along with the volunteers of the Education Department are here to support, encourage, coach and empower you as you explore the courses and tracks which will be a part of your ongoing journey.

May you be blessed as you walk this path and may you become a blessing to others for having walked it.  May your journey be fruitful and passionate, deepening and revealing.  May you come to know your Self as your experience the Presence of the Divine.

In Loving Service,
Dr. Petra Weldes