Declare and Claim it

There is a power for Good in the Universe and you can use it! Realize the Presence and the Wholeness of Life is right where you are. Every quality of Life you can think of, every aspect of the Divine, is present, in its entirety, throughout all creation. This means the quality of Life that you want more of is already fully present and completely available to you, in you, as you. Declare the presence of this good as realized in your life. Declare the ways it is showing up in your life in particular, as healed, changed or new circumstances. Then claim this truth as your truth NOW. Not some time, somewhere, but in the eternal here and now, right where you are. As you declare the truth and claim it as yours you plant a new thought (causal seed) in the Law and it must now grow that seed into its fulfillment and demonstration.  Don’t be afraid  Be bold. Be brave. Declare you good and claim it as yours, now!