December at CSLDallas

  Come Home To Love

2020 hasn’t been the year we expected yet our theme “Tip the Scales” has continually reminded us to move our consciousness from fear to love. Sometimes that’s been easy and sometimes that’s been challenging; however, every time we recenter ourselves and our consciousness, it makes a difference!

We complete the year be celebrating the holidays in a whole new way. Most of us won’t be with family and all our traditions will be shaped by the ongoing pandemic. No matter what, we can still center our consciousness in love. Love lifts us out of resistance and disappointment into acceptance and creativity. When we can “love what is”, we can engage with it from a deeply grounded, centered heart and a positive and intentional mind. Loving what is shifts consciousness in a powerful way and invites that love to shine through, no matter the situation or circumstance. When love is present, resistance, complaint, fear, and doubt melt away as darkness simply disappears in the bringing of the light.

Taking inspiration from the many holiday traditions of the season, let’s come home to love together. Hannukah reminds us that there is an eternal flame, the Eternal Presence of Love, which miraculously continues to burn in the midst of chaos and change. As we come home to love we take back the sacred temple of our own inner being, recentering in Truth, Freedom, and Love. We open our hearts to the Divine Presence and discover that It has always already been there. This Love guides us through and lifts us above the feelings of separation, disconnection, and disappointment with the way life and the holidays are being lived these days. Practicing the Presence is one of the most powerful spiritual practices there is to bring awareness and the Presence of Love into any room, any situation, and any moment.

The Solstice invites us to Come Home to the Love of the Light. There are so many spiritual references to light, enlightenment, being lit up, becoming a light worker, shining the light of truth in the midst of darkness, to name a few. This holiday we have the opportunity to love the light more than we love our traditions; to love the light more than we love our drama or fear; and to love the light more than we love our need to have the form of things stay the same. Loving the Light powerfully open us to spiritual awareness, deeper consciousness, and the illumination of Spiritual Truth. Loving the Light dispels the darkness of fear, worry, doubt and disconnection. Loving the Light brings clarity to our minds and peace to our hearts, anywhere at any time.

Christmas reminds us to love the incarnation of the Presence and the Light in ourselves and each other. While the holiday celebration may take very different forms this year, the truth that you and I are each individualized expressions of the One, Infinite Reality never changes. This is what the incarnation means, love being born as the individual. This is the Christ Consciousness, the awareness that we are made in the image of likeness of the Divine and that when our truth shines through as the light and love we are, then we are a place where Spirit is showing up in the world, as us!

Come Home to the Love of Community is perfectly expressed through the 7 principles of Kwanzaa. The Love of Community is a celebration of our recognition that we need each other, we are more collectively than we are individually, and that community itself is a profound spiritual practice. Loving community invites us beyond our “me first” or “my life only” mentality into a shared understanding and narrative about our relationship with each other. The more we love community, the more we empower, support, lift and love each other into our unique and individual greatness. This in turn, lifts and empowers all of us.



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