At Such A Time As This

Every week, sometimes even every day, something happens in our city, in our nation, or around the world that we, as spiritual beings, are called upon to respond in a way that is spiritually enlightened, humanly compassionate, and courageously engaged.

Heart-breaking events and issues we face include gun violence, excessive use of force by police, terrorism, fanaticism, racism, sexism, genderism, loss of trust in many of our institutions, corruption, pollution, climate change, domestic violence, and more are arising daily. We see this as a call to change the paradigms from which we, as human beings, live and share our planet and resources. We see this as an ever increasing call for us to speak out and live our Global Vision.

We know that our teaching, The Science of Mind™, tells us that we do not refuse to look at conditions, but neither do we dwell upon them. Our current conditions are a result of past thinking. We see the condition and turn our minds to a greater spiritual truth and declare that greater truth to become manifest. We also know that there are times when we must do more than affirmative prayer (spiritual mid treatment) we must move our feet and engage with the world around us. These are such times.

If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Black Lives Matter

CSLDallas stands with and in agreement with this statement from Rev Dr Edward Viljoen

Black Lives Matter – A Message from Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen, Spiritual Leader
Centers for Spiritual Living stands with people all around the world who are advocating for justice, equity, inclusion, and peace. We are motivated by our vision of a world that works for everyone and, therefore, we affirm with the people of the world that Black Lives Matter. Not only do Black Lives Matter, but according to our teaching, they are sacred.

Racism in the United States

CSLDallas stands with and in agreement with this statement from Centers for Spiritual Living

Racism in the United States
Centers for Spiritual Living calls for it to end!
We are grieving lives that ought not to have been lost. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, are the most recent in a list of countless unarmed African-American and Black people who have been murdered for the color of their skin over the past 400 years in the US. Too many generations have suffered and it has never been, and is not now, acceptable.

Words for the shootings

adapted by CSL SMSE Committee from Masando and Rebecca Hiraoka’s Prayer for El Paso, TX  posted by MileChurch, Denver CO.

This weekend alone we must face, yet again, a peculiarly American tragedy – 3 mass shootings in the USA. The shooting in El Paso, like so many others, appears to have been driven by bigotry and the hatred and fear that bigotry creates. It is tempting to turn away from this news because we are numb from all the other days we’ve woken up to similar news of mass shootings, of bombings, of all manner of violence in the USA, and around the world, carried out in the name of division, fear, and bias so deep it rots the bones.

CSLDallas Celebrates Pride Month

CSLDallas is Radically Inclusive and we know how priceless this can be for people, especially in finding a spiritual home where they can fully embrace all areas and aspects of themselves. Eddie Bush share his touching journey of living in Dallas as a Gay Man and finding his spiritual home.

Centers For Spiritual Living's Open And Affirming

Centers for Spiritual Living’s open and affirming response to the United Methodist Church vote to exclude LGBTQIA Clergy and deny marriage to their LGBTQIA members.

Healing The Consciousness Of Racism In America

On Tuesday, October 2nd, CSLDallas and Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) invoked the Power of Prayer and Meditation to heal the consciousness of racism in America. Botham Jean is the latest name on an unimaginably, long list of men and women, who have lost their lives for being black in the United States.

Holding All Our Jewish Brothers & Sisters In Our Hearts

As another horrific tragedy occurred in our country, we hold the Tree of Life Synagogue and all our Jewish brothers and sisters in love and light. We take a stand for Love – knowing that this stand and our Light ensures hate dissipates into the nothingness from which it came.

USA Elections And The Responsibility To Vote

This fall citizens across the United States will have the right and the responsibility to go the polls to elect federal, state and local officials and participate in the US democracy. The word election means choice.  

Recognizing And Honoring All Women


In light of the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment of women, we have a powerful opportunity to recognize the unacknowledged pain body in our collective space. This is the power of community – that we come together to feel and heal, to honor and recognize what no one will say – but so many in our community and our world feels. Today, we did that for the women in our community and all women.

Pray For Change

Here is a wonderful opportunity for those of us who believe in Spiritual Power, to try a simple but effective experiment. You may call this psychology, metaphysics, faith, prayer, new thought or old thought, there is nothing in a name. The only thing that matters is – are we obtaining the desired results, and do we believe that there is a law of Mind and Spirit which can bring greater peace, comfort and joy into our experience? If we do have this conviction and if we have added to our spiritual faith the knowledge that there is a scientific Principle of Mind which may be consciously applied for any human need, then we are ready to make the experiment.

Keeping Parents & Children Together


The spectacle of children of refugees, most fleeing violence in their homelands, being separated, often with force, from the arms of their parents at the United States border, is an offense against humanity devoid of any sense of compassion.

March For Our Lives

The Universe is a safe place. Because this is so, the children in our country deserve to live in this Reality – especially while attending school. Let’s make it so!

Call For Prayer On Jerusalem

The committee urges all of our spiritual leaders to engage in spiritual practices – alone and in your communities – during this time of apparent fear. Let us be centers of Love, Peace, Wisdom, and Possibility.

Las Vegas Shooting

“I now command the multitude of doubts and fears that crowd into my mind to be quiet, while the Divine miracle takes place in my life. I let every good I possess become multiplied as Divine Love acts upon my faith to bring into my experience everything necessary for (our) well-being.”

Domestic Violence And Shooting in Churches

These types of events often leave our communities feeling shattered, fearful, and wondering if it can happen to us. Centers for Spiritual Living encourages leadership to have significant conversations with each community regarding both domestic violence and the possibility of having an active shooter come into your sanctuary.

Statement On Climate Change And Environmental Sustainability

Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) believes in the Oneness of all Life and Creation. We envision a world free of homelessness, violence, war, hunger, separation, and disenfranchisement. We see a world which has renewed its emphasis on beauty, nature, and love through creativity, art, and aesthetics.

We Stand With Orlando

In the face of shooting of gays in Orlando and on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the shooting of blacks in Charleston, once again, we are faced with the reality – fear and hate or love and inclusion.

Standing With Religious Leaders Of Faith

Centers for Spiritual Living stands in solidarity with leaders and faith organizations who have spoken out about the Executive Order from the President of the United States of America that bans immigrants from seven majority Muslim nations, including Syria, whose residents have been subject to ongoing deadly civil war.