Dr Petra has been passionately and tirelessly teaching and spreading Science of Mind for over 35 years. At the time Petra graduated from ministerial school in 1984, she was the youngest minister in our movement (age 24). She lives and breathes nothing but Science of Mind. While being radically inclusive, she does not waver in her commitment to our principles and teachings. She is steadfast in her conviction that we are a teaching, healing and practicing order. She is passionate about bringing science and spirituality together along with deep mysticism and practical psychology. It is very clear that her purpose is transformation and her mission is to grow people, communities and ideas.

Dr Petra is truly one of our most gifted teachers – her greatest gift, like Ernest Holmes, is the rare ability to make the complex, mystical, metaphysically challenging concepts accessible to people in everyday language. 

Dr Petra engages students with her interactive style providing a safe, sacred environment for personal growth and exploration. Her deep wisdom, wealth of knowledge, humility as well as humor, guides students into journeys of awakening to their unique expression and creative and joyful potential.  Again, her ability to translate seemingly complex and confusing life issues into concise and clear messages, invites the audience into deeper levels of understanding of their being and engagement in the world by igniting the change within.

As the Senior Minister and now Co-Spiritual Director of CSLDallas, a Center for Spiritual Living, since 1998, she has brought forth her gifts as a powerful, engaging speaker, teacher, and visionary leader. This has truly created a dynamic, diverse, spiritual community.

Dr Petra is passionate about children and teens. She has had extensive involvement with the youth movement in various Churches, Conferences and regional Youth Camps throughout her ministry and written years of curriculum for CSL Teen program.

She is committed to spreading the message of Science of Mind and supporting Centers for Spiritual Living in its PURPOSE to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence, it’s VISION of a world that works for everyone, and its MISSION to provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation. Dr Petra has co-authored 3 Journals with Dr Christian Sorenson and been published in numerous local and national publications. She has written countless articles in the Science of Mind Magazine.

Dr Petra has increased the awareness of Science of Mind both on the world stage (Barcelona Parliament of World Religions) and locally through her interfaith work in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Dr Petra has dedicated and devoted the majority of her service to our greater organization. A detailed list is included in her resume and curriculum vitae. Since 1984, Dr Petra has ensured that her spiritual communities have tithed continuously, without fail, to our greater organization (albeit UCRS, UCSL, or CSL). She also single-handedly brought an individual contributor forward to give a $200,000 gift to our greater organization.

Dr Petra has authored 19 course curriculums on Spirituality, Meditation, and Emerson, the Bible and New Thought, Spirit-based Leadership and other related subjects, which are used locally and nationally. She has served as regional Facility, Interim Dean, and Hosting Dean of the Holmes Institute for the United Centers for Spiritual Living in both Dallas and Seattle, teaching over a dozen courses in the Ministerial Training Program. She has taught over 50 different curriculums to students at all levels of spiritual education. Also detailed in her resume and curriculum vitae.