Courage of our conviction

Words and actions represent our beliefs. Decisions and direction represent our values. It takes courage to decide to forgive rather than resent, build a bridge rather than make wrong, and speak out against injustice rather than play it safe. It takes courage to be all that you can be – Love and Light in the World no matter what is expedient, acceptable, or comfortable. In a spirituality which honors and respects all life as ONE, all beings as the ONE LIFE, and all people as individualized expressions of the ONE, how we speak, act, and decide demonstrates whether or not we truly believe this.

Spirituality is the marriage of head and heart. Our heart guides us to decent, life-affirming actions while our head helps us navigate the choices we have to make along the way. In the end, our lives showcase what we believe. Let us have the moral courage to showcase our best selves, our most powerful love and our deepest understanding of who we are meant to be and how we are meant to see the world. Then our actions and decisions are wise and true and inherently congruent.