You and a Stress-Free Reality – ONLINE CLASS

You and a Stress-Free Reality – ONLINE CLASS

time 12:00 am

January 1, 1970

Every Tuesday  from 12:00 – 1:00pm
May 8 – 29, 2018

4 weeks

Led by  Dr Petra Weldes

Cost: $49

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In this course you will gain a deeper awareness of your foundational beliefs and experience the freedom of shifting consciousness to a new worldview. Create positive expectancy and lower stress by living life from a whole new paradigm.

Stress-free living is based on the fundamental assumptions you make about life, the universe, and your purpose in it. Once you understand how your underlying assumptions about reality are creating stress, it’s time to seek a new paradigm.  That paradigm is found in the confluence of mysticism, neuroscience, and quantum physics. Understanding the ONENESS, learning to use the creative process, and discovering your unique purpose provides an entirely different ground on which to stand in your life. Now you move without stress because you know what is going on and what you are doing with it!

What you will learn:

  • Week 1: Oneness from the Ultimate, Mystical, Quantum Point of View.
    Discover a new idea about God and the Universe and how it can impact your life, reduce your stress, and shift you into a new perspective.
  • Week 2: The Continuum of Consciousness
    Experience how self-awareness impacts all of consciousness. Learn about a spiritual technology that automatically shifts you into living your life from a spiritual point of view.
  • Week 3: What is the Point? Why are You Here?
    Eliminate fear, worry, and stress by experiencing the joy and ease of being yourself and bringing your Whole Self into your life.
  • Week 4: Your Life is Your Play Dough!
    Learn how you can create ongoing positive, stress-free living. Release your old ideas of perfection, mistakes, and the need to find the “right” answer as you embrace a whole new way of creating your life.