Wisdom Circle

Wisdom Circle

time 7:00 pm

Every First Thursday from

September 3, 2015

The Wisdom Circle focuses on uncovering the abundant gifts of our expanding life-span and exploring the unchartered opportunities that some call the second-half of life. The “after 50” journey is unique. More and more of us, are living into our late eighties and beyond. In our Circle, we consider aging and life transitions as windows into new dimensions of wisdom and possibilities of spiritual growth. The Wisdom Circle is a whole-group experience and whole-group container for nurturing transformation. Circle leaders provide a structure as well as a topic focus for each session and facilitate the conversations and activities.

Meeting Information: First Thursday each month, except for on or next to holidays, 7-9 pm at CSLDallas or other locations. First-time visitors, please contact the leaders to confirm before each meeting.

Leaders of Circle:
Tom Boldrey, tboldrey@aol.com, 217-390-6237Tom Bouldrey
Avis Ives, RScP, avisives@gmail.com, 972-814-7025AvisIves-Web