Wednesday Yoga

Wednesday Yoga

time 6:30 pm

Every Wednesday from

July 11, 2018


December 12, 2018

Wednesdays at 6:30 – 6:55 pm
Prior to Wednesday Night Meditation

Led by Jen Wanamaker

COST: $40/month


Class Description:

In this class, we will prepare our bodies for an evening of spiritual practices through breathing, stretching, and gentle movement.  The main purpose of Yoga is to oxygenate the body, increase lung capacity, and help our muscles to remain pliable and strong.  Our intention will be to help our minds be clear and awake and ready for the mindful activities ahead.  Our bodies will be gently conditioned to sit or stand comfortably for the duration of the evening.

All teacher proceeds for the month of April will be donated to the Teen Group for CSL Teen Camp Expenses!

Jen Wanamaker, her husband and two boys, gratefully found the CSLDallas community about 15 years ago. After taking a series of classes at CSLDallas, Jen had an inspiration during the Principles of Successful Living class, which led her to enroll in Yoga teacher training, in January of 2009, and received her RYT500 certification that May.

For Jen, Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a necessary part of maintaining mental, emotional and spiritual health.

Physical activity has always a part of her life, beginning with Ballet classes at the age of eight.  From this came great satisfaction in being fit and feeling strong and flexible.

At nineteen, Jen drifted away from dance. Though she still loved dancing, the competitive nature of the dance world was not her calling. Having taken for granted the fitness that dance had maintained in her life, she knew she had to find a new fitness practice, but she did not like “exercise.” Yoga fell into Jen’s life rather accidentally, when a close friend brought her to a class at her gym, and it was love at first Asana.