Rev Michael Gott Workshop

Rev Michael Gott Workshop

time 1:30 pm

March 6, 2016

The Power of a Personal Connection with God

Are you looking for a more personal experience of God? Many people are drawn to the New Thought tradition because we seek to expand our concept of the Divine. This is wonderful, necessary and useful in our spiritual evolution.  However, the question remains: Is it possible we’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater? Is there something vital, enriching and empowering in cultivating a “relationship” with Spirit?

Sunday, March 6   1:30 – 4:30pm 
Multi-layered Workshop

Join Rev. Michael Gott for a three-hour exploration of the “Personal Experience of the Divine.” This time will include:
·      Theological conversation and teaching.
·      Dynamic music
·      Interactive and experiential exercises

Whether the idea of a personal God is appealing or appalling, this time will be rich and transformative. Come see what’s here for you.