Taking Charge of Your Creative Mind – Workshop

Taking Charge of Your Creative Mind – Workshop

time 1:00 pm

May 26, 2019

A Terry McBride workshop

May 26, 2019 From 1:00 to 4:00 pm

$30 in Advance – $35 at Door – FREE CHILDCARE


Ernest Holmes states, there is a tendency in our metaphysical movements to involve ourselves in too much theory and too little practice of the Principles we teach. In this workshop Terry will help you answer these fundamental questions and assist you to start creating the life you want.

How do you figure out what you want?

What are your priorities, your aspirations? This is about remembering your dreams.

How do you decide what action you need to take to start creating the things you desire?

The power of Action comes from your belief about the action more than the action itself.

How do you take charge of the voice inside your head?

Supporting yourself with a mental environment that assists you in staying focused and on track.

Mastering the “image making part of your brain”

How to use your imagination in conjunction with your other choices to create belief.

In this workshop you will learn how to weave the tools of choice together so you really experience how you can take charge of your life and move toward your dreams.

$30 in Advance – $35 at Door


You will come away from this workshop excited about your life and how you are going to stay on track to create the reality you desire.

Through Terry’s seminars and writings, people are inspired and reminded of the Truth of their own existence. From that Truth, they move to improve the quality of their life with an authority that allows them to make their dreams come true.

Come hear Terry Speak May 26, at our 10:30 am Sunday Celebration Service. His topic will be “Wholeness is not something you can attain, It is something you accept”.

About Terry McBride

Terry McBride’s speeches, seminars and published works all have the same central theme:
People have unlimited abilities that can be realized through conscious choice.

His message and knowing wasn’t developed from the comfort of an armchair. From his early twenties to his mid thirty’s, he had twenty-seven major surgeries on his spine and abdomen. His doctors told him the infection in his spine was not curable and the best he could hope for was to live within his human limitations, with a colostomy, and the inevitability of “significant permanent disability”.

Terry decided to fight that prognosis and through his study and practice of Choice he created perfect health where there seemed only disease.

You can take charge of your Creative Mind and have what you want, and it is not as difficult as you might imagine.

His speeches and seminars focus on the wonder and magnificence of the human condition and how choice can be used to demonstrate this wonder and magnificence to ourselves.
Terry weaves the concepts of choice into a clear system where you will finally understand how you can start right where you are and begin moving to what you want.

Terry McBride is one of the most sought-after speakers in the metaphysical and motivational movements, because he lives his message. When people experience Terry, they are inspired and reminded of the Truth of their own existence. From that Truth, they move to improve the quality of their life with an authority that allows them to make their dreams come true.

In his book The Hell I Can’t, Terry shares the challenges he faced trying to believe in his own ability to heal when the experts said he couldn’t expect to come out of his incurable disease whole. His story is about all of us who have been taught to give up our personal desires for who we are “supposed” to be and what we are “supposed to want. But Terry does not give up or give in to the pressures of conformity. He stands boldly and challenges the lie of human limitations.

Terry’s’ inspiring journey to Wholeness is a magnificent testimonial that proves each of us has the ability to begin right where we are and create what we want.