Manifestation and Mysticism Workshop

Manifestation and Mysticism Workshop

time 3:30 pm

January 26, 2020

A Practice and a Way of Life Workshop

Sunday, January 19 – 3:30pm – 5:00pm

Sunday, January 26 – 3:30pm – 5:00pm


Cost $25 (Includes both sessions)


Led Dr Petra Weldes

Manifestation and Mysticism go hand-in-hand. Learn the profound spiritual technology of Spiritual Mind Treatment and apply it to your health, life, and spiritual development. This technique is designed to create alignment, elevate consciousness, generate a higher vibrational frequency and create the life you have come here to live in alignment with the deepest spiritual truth. Experience the Presence, revel in Oneness, and activate the Power of the Word and consciousness in accordance with the Laws of the Universe.

Dr Petra has been using the technique of spiritual deepening and co-creative manifestation for over 35 years for herself and countless others. She has participated in documented healings, outrageous manifestations, and spiritual deepening with people all around the country. As an expert in her field, she will guide you in using this technology for yourself and your friends by the time you leave this workshop. With this spiritual tool in your toolkit of awakening, co-creation, and consciousness-raising, your life will never be the same again.

Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash