Engage in Our New Nonprofit Partner Program

Engage in Our New Nonprofit Partner Program

time 9:15 am

October 16, 2016

We’ve received nominations from our community and now you can vote for the nonprofits that you’d like to see CSLDallas financially support in 2017.

In 2017, we are launching a new Nonprofit Partner Program. Nonprofit partners will be selected from nominations submitted by individuals in our spiritual community during our Adventures in Spirit Campaign.

We’ve received nominations from the past two Sunday. The next step is to vote on October 16th and 23rd from the nominations we’ve received. The nonprofits that receive the top four total votes will be our selected Nonprofit Partners in 2017. Each quarter, one of these nonprofit partners will receive a portion of our tithe.

We hold the vision that over time, our nonprofit partners become like a second family to us. We love to be connected spiritually with others who are doing good work in the world. We are truly living our principle of circulation and know this when our partners testify to the work they do as a result of our contributions. We are deeply grateful to our wonderful community for supporting our center and in turn supporting other wonderful organizations.