International World Peace Day Meditation

International World Peace Day Meditation

time 6:45 pm

September 19, 2015

Together we are lifting consciousness, healing the collective unconscious, and moving our world toward peace. Be part of the solution. Be The Peace!

Saturday – September 19   6:45 to 8 PMIMG_5824_2
Led by the Dr Petra, Rev Karen, Bro ChiSing and the CSLDallas Ritual Team

CSLDallas is joining one of the world’s largest synchronized global meditation events in celebration of the International Day of Peace Day. In 2012, 248 cities participated. In 2013, 564 cities joined, and, in 2014, over 1,100 cities took part! Let’s rock the planet this year with our biggest event yet! Watch Dallas show up on the World Peace Map in the Global Care Room.

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