Embracing Our Christian Roots

Embracing Our Christian Roots

time 1:00 pm

September 9, 2018

 “We belong to the Christian philosophy; we are a Christian denomination; it is what we mean by the Christ. Christ does not mean Jesus; Jesus embodied the Christ. It is what the Buddhists mean by the ‘Enlightened One,’ what the Hindus mean by Atman, or the universal and divine incarnation of the Absolute.” (The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes, p. 131)

Are we Christian or not? That’s a question that was asked to Dr Ernest Holmes on many occasions. Discover that answer to this question and many more. Bring your questions about how Science of Mind is similar/different to the Christian faith. Participate in experientials that may, in fact, bring you back to your roots in a whole/wholly way – a place that you can move powerfully from.

Sunday, September 9, 2018
1:00 – 4:00pm

Led by Rev Karen

COST: $25 online/ $30 at the door