Dialogue Circle

Dialogue Circle

time 9:30 am

April 6, 2019

New 6-Month Dialogue Circle begins today!

Meets on the 1st Saturday of each month from 9:30 – 11:30am.

“If we are to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature, we need to be able to communicate freely in a creative movement in which no one permanently holds to or otherwise defends his own ideas.” ~ David Bohm

The Circle serves as a path to finding shared meaning in our community. When separateness, prejudice, and biases disrupt our collective sense of balance we yearn for a wholesome response. A uniquely brilliant solution was put forth in a book written by the great 20th-century thinker and theoretical physicist David Bohm. The name of Bohm’s seminal work is “On Dialogue”.

“On Dialogue” is squarely aimed at uncovering the personal biases and prejudice that exist in all of us. The Dialogue process gives each of us an opportunity to safely explore the assumptions that belie the beliefs that support separation in its many forms. Separation is simply the distance we must navigate to find shared meaning.

The Circle is a sacred container that nourishes safety, confidentiality and mutual respect. Dialogue protocols add the disciplines of suspending judgment, silence when silence happens and listening generously with intent to be influenced by shared meaning.

All are welcome! A unique feature of this Circle is that we assemble a group of around 25 people who will agree to consistently attend for a six-month period. This is because each month builds on the month before. During these six months, the Circle will be closed to drop-ins. This is because to experience true dialogue the same participants need to take part in a consecutive monthly exercise to allow the rhythm to engage.