DFW Changemakers

DFW Changemakers

time 7:00 pm

April 17, 2018

Tuesday, April 17
7:00 – 9:00pm

Special Speaker Ann Drumm

She is a volunteer for Citizens’ Climate Lobby, where she builds support for its market-based approach to address climate change.  She leads the Dallas group’s public speaking team, seeking private sector support for CCL’s carbon fee & dividend proposal through presentations to community organizations. Ann’s environmental volunteer experience includes leadership in the Sierra Club and Texas Business for Clean Air. She earned undergraduate degrees in business and history and a law degree from Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

While voluntary emissions limits and government regulations are disfavored approaches to managing climate change, another strategy is gaining ground. Leaders in Congress and the private sector are embracing the concept of carbon pricing as a market-based approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accelerate the emergence of the clean energy economy. A price on CO2 would send a signal to industry, investors and consumers that would drive the market to adopt clean and efficient energy technologies. Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a national nonpartisan grassroots organization, is urging Congress to pass its Carbon Fee & Dividend proposal, pricing CO2 while also protecting consumers and U.S. manufacturers.