Between Justice and Rage – CANCELED

Between Justice and Rage – CANCELED

time 10:00 am

September 28, 2019


Between Justice and Rage – Spiritual Activism and Police Accountability

Saturday, September 28 – 10:00am – Noon

Keynote, Q&A, and Panel Discussion

Ten years ago, a BART police officer, Johannesburg Meserle, killed Oscar Grant in Oakland, CA and by many observers this was the most seismic moment for police accountability since the 1991 beating of Rodney King. The shooting of Grant sparked national conversations about racism and police violence. As the case of Amber Guyger, who is charged with the murder of Botham Jean begins, the city of Dallas prepares for the verdict of a white police officer killing an unarmed black man.

The questions facing us, the city of Dallas, and our nation are: what is our vision for the future of our nation in healing the racial divides and inequities? How will we, as whites, as blacks, as people of faith, respond? Will we only react to the aftermath or can we create a possibility for healing racism? From what faith and cultural perspective(s) can we, will we, respond? Are we willing to take a stand for healing racism in America, before, during and after the verdict, regardless of the outcome of this case?

We will explore whether Dallas can become a national leader in racial healing; Is Spiritual Activism a way through to a new equity and inclusion; and is standing FOR something, from our deepest faith, the key?

The Keynote by Rev Dereca Blackmon with Q&A, followed by a panel discussion, will focus on the following topics:

  • Is Standing FOR something rather than AGAINST something a viable way or taking responsibility for a deeper, sustainable reconciliation and healing?
  • How do we move from an either/or to both/and paradigm – that standing FOR police accountability and equal treatment of all citizens does not mean being against law enforcement officers?
  • How do we recognize, and rewrite the cultural norms, unconscious biases, and ingrained prejudices within ourselves, our institutions, and our cultures that are being revealed and acted out in Dallas and our country?
  • How do our respective Faiths prepare us and what do they teach us about how to do this profound healing work?
  • How can this become a new norm for our cultures and nation?


Dereca Blackmon, Vice Provost of Diversity Education, Stanford University

Dereca Blackmon is a spiritual activist with over 30 years experience supporting communities in radical healing. She has a distinguished history of leadership and service in local and national organizing efforts on subjects as diverse as ethnic studies and police accountability. She currently serves as the Assistant Vice Provost at Stanford University and CEO and Founder of the Inclusion Design Group, where she and her teams have trained over 20,000 people in cultural humility, radical healing and creating courageous conversations that are both safe and brave.

Ms. Blackmon co-led the effort to organize the Bay Area community response to the murder of Oscar Grant III. After mobilizing thousands of protestors and holding countless meetings and rallies she began to question the strategy of organizing “against” rather than “for.” She dedicated herself to a path of spiritual activism, becoming one of the nation’s leading speakers on the topic to packed audiences nationwide.

Faith Forward Dallas @ Thanks-Giving Square Panel Participants:

Rev Karen Fry, Co-Spiritual Director of CSLDallas

Rev George Mason, Senior Pastor of Wilshire Baptist Church

Rev Dr Shazetta Thompson-Hill, Associate Pastor of Christian Chapel Temple of Faith and Documentarian

Rev Dr Neil Cazares-Thomas, Senior Pastor of Cathedral of Hope, United Church of Christ