Spiritually Responding to Current Events

Spiritually Responding to Current Events

time 6:30 pm

Every Wednesday from

July 27, 2016


September 13, 2016

We have one definite act that we can use to face the challenges of today and that is the deliberate, focused and intentional act of shifting consciousness, individually and collectively, through meditation and spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer).

Wednesday Nights, 6:30 – 7:30pm  FREE

Led by Dr Petra, Rev Karen, Rev Patti, and CSLDallas Practitioners

Another shooting, another terrorist act, another act of violence… What do we do with our anguish and fear? What does our spirituality teach us in times of crisis? How do we make a difference?

We are neither helpless nor hopeless. Science of Mind and CSLDallas intentionally and deliberately meet fear with peace and hate with love. This is our primary gift to ourselves, each other, our society, and our planet. It’s time to start using it regularly until conditions have changed and consciousness has been lifted.

CSLDallas is opening our sanctuary every week for conversation, meditation, and prayer around issues and events in our city, country and the world. We will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Bring your broken heart
Bring your open mind
Bring your intention for change
Bring your consciousness of Peace and Truth
We are here for each other 
We are here for our community and the world
Please share and invite others to join us
All are welcome