Breakdown before Breakthrough

When you decide to be who you truly are or decide to go for the deepest desires of your soul everything that is unlike this reality shows itself to you. All the doubts, fears, false beliefs, and limited thinking gets played out in your mind and in your conversations. You begin to notice the ways your behavior doesn’t line up with what you’ve decided. All the ways of coping and managing and figuring it out that you’ve perfected over a lifetime just don’t work anymore. Friends, lovers, jobs, and opportunities may unexpectedly fall away.

This is the crumbling of the old that is necessary for the transformation your soul is longing for. While it’s scary and messy and it feels like nothing is working, this is the very moment when you are at the cusp of something deeper, richer, and fuller. Trust the process. Go for the ride. Let it all fall away. Cry your tears of grief and scream your words of anger and pain. Just keep trusting that this breakdown is the answer to your soul’s desire to burst from the bud of what has been into the full bloom of what is becoming.