Beauty lifts, Vision pulls

Despite the news or the evidence of personal challenges, there is so much beauty and so much love being expressed every day. Every day someone is seeking a new way, inventing a solution, or behaving with integrity. Every day there are people speaking the truth, moving from love, and deciding to be part of the answer. Every day there are companies making heart-full decisions, politicians making laws supporting equity and human wellbeing, and nations creating sustainable and peaceful futures. This is the beauty of life and the beauty of the human spirit. And this is the power of holding the vision for a world that works for everyone and a life that works for you. The beauty you see and the Vision you sense is urging you to be part of the great-yet-to-be. Every day you focus on the good, see the beauty and speak the vision you contribute to the raising of consciousness, the lifting of the vibration of the world, and the creation of powerful and positive solutions! Let the beauty of life lift you and the vision of possibility pull you right into the spiritual reality of truth and wholeness.