August at CSLDallas

Inseparable Connection

August 2021 

“Inseparable. That’s how we’ll always be.
Inseparable. Just you and me.
It’s so wonderful … to know you’ll always be around me!”

When Chuck Jackson and Marvin Yancy wrote these lyrics for the song Inseparable, they were thinking about the connection between two people who were committed to loving each other for life. 

There is an inseparable connection between each one of us and the Creator of all Life. And because we have all been created by the same Source, we are connected to every other human being on the planet. No exceptions!


Going back to the song Inseparable, imagine Spirit singing these words to you: “There’s no way we could break up; no words that can make us blow our thing. We’re just inseparable: that’s how it is. Inseparable: for the rest of our years. It’s so wonderful to know you’ll always be around.” 

This month at CSLDallas we affirm the inseparable connection each one of us has with  Spirit. And we will explore how that connection binds us to all humanity and all of life. Every one of us is an individualized expression of God. At the same time, our lives are interdependent.

In some ways, we can look to the Aspen tree for a reminder that we are inseparable. According to the National Forest Foundation, aspens “hold the title of the most widespread tree in North America.”  When we look at a group of Aspens we see tree after tree, similar but not identical. However, beneath the surface, they are all generated from a single root system and are all genetic replicas of each other. Is it one tree or a grove of many trees?

It is both. 

Are you one person, or a member of humanity? You are both. What if we considered our relationship to all of humanity just as connected with one another as the trees in an Aspen grove? How would our behavior change? Would we make different choices? What can we do to ensure we live together in harmony, peace, and love?

This month’s theme gives us the opportunity to explore these ideas. If we are to be examples of people who are radically inclusive, we must recognize our individuality. To be spiritually progressive we are required to lean into the universal spiritual principle of Oneness. And to transform lives, we must have a deep appreciation for interdependence.

Each one of us is generated from a single Life Source. And although slightly different in the physical form, there is only One spiritual root system. We are both independent and interdependent. Let’s explore our Inseparable Connections together.



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