April at CSLDallas

Fly Free!

Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy renewal and rebirth! This month we Fly Free by freeing every aspect of our being from a sense of separation. A sense of separation brings about smallness and fear and creates false beliefs and patterns that limit us. As we free ourselves from the conditions, and limitations of the past and soar into a powerfully expressed life.

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It all begins with the Easter awakening – an awakening to indestructible Oneness and Its expansion into Multiplicity, the infinite Whole and Its diverse Incarnation. The images of eggs and bunnies, crosses and tombs, suffering and resurrection all remind us of the indominable Spirit which powers the Universe and flows through our veins. Awakening from the dream of separation, isolation, and stagnation Easter celebrates the reemergence of Life, of Spirit, bursting from the shroud of limitation into the glorious Light. This awakening lifts our spirits as we emerge from the cocoon of winter. This awakening propels our spirit ever higher, into realms of awareness and consciousness that defy the gravity of human smallness and despair. Let your Spirit Soar, this Easter, on the wings of the One Love! Let it lift your Spirit to the heights of Truth, Power, and Peace!

As our spirits soar, our hearts are awakened to the Presence and we experience the companionship of Infinite Love. Everywhere we go, in every situation we encounter, through every challenge we face, we discover that we are supported by Infinite Love. The Impulse of Life Itself gives us everything we need, It is all already present, right where we are. Infinite Life awakens our heart to compassion for all people, our mother earth, and all beings. An awakened heart is strong enough to soar above the pettiness, hurt, and self-protection that we encounter or that we tend to project back onto ourselves. And as our heart awakens, the warmth and companionship of Infinite Love allows us to break out of the bondage and chains of our past to fly free into belonging, acceptance, and profound grace.

To stay free, we must unshackle our minds from false beliefs and patterns of thinking that run like automatic programs in the depths of our subconscious. These beliefs and patterns are interpretations of our human experience fueled by a sense of lack and limitation. Yes, in fact, it IS the TRUTH that will set us free. The Spiritual Truth that becomes new beliefs and new patterns of thinking that rewrite and rewire the very synapses of our brain into a neural net focused on cultivating the perception and awareness of Truth. It is the Truth of Oneness, Spirit, Universal Principle, and the Creative Process that sets us free from the mental swirl of depression, doubt, hate, or fear.

Applying Spiritual Truths to our lives, with an awakened heart, becomes a way of living that carries us into a new reality of engagement, empowerment, and expansion. Our lives are more fulfilled, we contribute more, and experience life more deeply because our Spirit soars with the wings of Love and Truth. As we soar, others are lifted and bathed in the Light of Truth. Our individual life’s wholeness and joy heals and renews consciousness for all humanity. THIS is spiritual living – renewed, restored, reborn in us anew. This April, we fly free, in more ways, every day.



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