A Letter From Our CORE Chair

HoGeorgeann Moss Headshotw appropriate that CSLDallas’ theme for this year is “Sacred Disruption, Reimagine Everything!” Our world has changed dramatically in the past two years, and it appears as if change will be the watchword for the foreseeable future as well. Our annual pledge program is designed to secure our financial well-being as well as expand our spiritual well-being. 

The CORE Council continues to work diligently to prepare CSLDallas for anything and everything the future may bring, but our mission remains the same: we are radically inclusive, spiritually progressive, and we are transforming lives! 

How do we transform lives? Through… 

  • Community – The friendships and connections we have with others who are on a similar spiritual journey invigorate us. Sanghas, circles, and sacred travels allow us to connect on a deeper level. We meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. We strengthen our spiritual practices with the help of our ministers, prayer partners, and spiritual coach practitioners. We go deeper into relationships beyond just the Sunday hello. (I know this from personal experience! 
  • Education – Our courses and workshops are offered in person, online, and as new E-Courses. There are four levels: Exploratory, Essential, Core, and Mastery. Your choice and your pace! But be prepared for your life to change for the better when you begin studying the principles and practices of the Science of Mind. 
  • Youth Programs – The pandemic halted them temporarily, but they are back! We welcome youth of all ages from babies through teens and all the way to young adults. 
  • Advocacy – For equity and inclusion, for sustainability and climate action, for our democracy and for those who are not yet as prosperous as ourselves. 
  • Commitment – The discipline of spiritual practices and sacred giving. 

And, best of all, we do all this joyously because This Stuff Really Works (TSRW)! 

Spiritual growth is a journey, and it is not for the faint of heart. That is why it is especially important that we travel this path with others who will educate us, challenge us, love us, stand beside us, and claim the truth for us when our human experience attempts to derail our spiritual training. 

CSLDallas is the most loving, inclusive, and supportive community my husband, King, and I have ever had the good fortune to find. It is here because those who came before us invested in themselves and in the future. 

We want to encourage you to make a pledge to the community just as we have. A pledge means that you commit to donating a portion of the income that you earn or that the universe gifts to you unexpectedly. It can be a standard monthly amount, a percentage of what you earn, or a lump sum. 

It is not a decision to be made lightly – because your pledge will be depended upon to allow us to continue to pursue our goal to create a world that works for everyone and a life that works for us all. 

It’s a way to ensure that CSLDallas has the financial resources to model the love and behaviors we want to see adopted by the rest of the world.  

It’s a way to help Dallas and North Texas become role models for the rest of the world for love, peace, harmony and prosperity! 

It is a commitment to put spiritual principles into action.  

It’s a way to help yourself and to help others who come after you. It’s an investment in your future, and in the future of all those who will come after us. 

Please join us! 

Georgeann Moss 

Chair, CSLDallas CORE Council 


What is Adventures In Spirit?

Every year, during the month of October, we dive deep into the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Abundance, Attraction, Circulation, Tithing, and Sacred Giving. As a community, we learn how to grow our prosperity consciousness and expand our ability to trust Spirit as our Source. Through our annual pledge program, we then have the opportunity to practice sacred giving through the intentional use of these Laws. 

Did you know that here at CSLDallas, our programs and services are supported exclusively by contributions from community members like you? We receive no outside funding. This means if we want to be more and do more, we all need to give more! 

Everyone’s collective pledges create the basis for our annual budget. As the leaders of CSLDallas, our commitment to you is that we only ask for your support during this pledge program and then spend no more than what we as a community have promised. 

If you have not pledged before, start this year! If you are already a committed contributor, thank you, and let us collectively increase our giving, together. Every pledge and every dollar make a difference! 

Together, we’ll choose local non-profits to tithe to in the coming year. We’ll deepen our faith, trust, and spiritual practice together while committing to Believing and Seeing continued growth for CSLDallas.


Click image to see an online version of our 2023 Newsletter

Our 2023 Priorities

There is so much going on at CSLDallas and so many things we are working on – it’s super exciting! Every year our CORE Council sets our intention and priorities so you can see, contribute to, and participate in what’s unfolding. Here’s a look at what’s at the top of the list for 2023.

It’s Not Just About Sundays 

Our overarching priority is to ride the wave of change, in our cultural, religious, and spiritual communities – as well as right here at CSLDallas. Delivering our transformational teachings and offering a space for smaller groups to grow together as an intimate spiritual community. 

  • We are committed to the excellence of our Sunday Class and Celebration on campus and livestreamed, as well as the Wednesday night gathering.  
  • We will focus on innovation with conversations and gatherings throughout the week, expand our small group ministry, and honor the convenience of our community in all the ways we engage, take courses, and volunteer digitally.  

There is great creativity and possibility as we continually move toward providing spiritual inspiration and connection 24/7. It’s a tall order, but with everyone’s support and help, we can do it! 

Reimagine Education 

A key focus at CSLDallas requires innovation and creativity to expand our impact! 

  • Journey to Awakening – Add a summer home study program 
  • E-Courses – Produce and market while expanding engagement 
  • Collaborate with CSL and Unity teachers, ministers, and communities, becoming the “” hub for New Thought 
  • Offer intimate, immersive experiences, some for the community and others just for those who have been spiritually growing with us for a long time  

Be A Force for Good – for those who want to be actively engaged in the world 

Our teachings and tools do make a difference in our own lives, and they can be applied to the challenges that face our nation and our world. 

  • Stay committed and expand our offerings to awaken humanity and create a world that works for everyone, specifically in the areas of: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Sustainability and the Environment; the health and strength of our Democracy  
  • Support our Non-Profit Partners with tithes and volunteers 

Conversations dealing with real issues from a spiritual perspective – for those who value intimate connection, exploration, and growing together 

Develop a series of facilitated gatherings and meet-ups that serve our community and attract others who want a safe and comfortable way to tend to their inner lives as we face the challenges in our collective lives and the world today 

Be a Hub/Haven for the Spiritual but not Religious 

We have a lot of space available to support people and programs. 

  • Re-open Berrong Lounge and our Meditation Hall during the day/evening for hanging out, a quiet place to work, and a place to recharge 
  • Expand our rentals to home school, co-ops, non-profits, and recovery and spiritual groups 
  • Be an incubator of spiritual groups, non-profits, and other like-minded entrepreneurs 




2023 F.A.Q’s

What is Tithing?

Tithing is the consistent spiritual practice of passing on that which we receive to something greater than ourselves. This practice of faith, trust, and generosity has been practiced for thousands of years. Faith and belief grow through acts of gratitude. For example, we all know that when we give love we get it back, when we demon-strate kindness we get kindness in return, and when we show our understanding we receive understanding. This is also true with our financial resources. The more we give, the more we receive. Tithing is a spiritual principle of circulation which we practice by gratefully giving back to our Source. Individuals who practice tithing give at least 10% of their income to the communities and organizations from which they are spiritually fed or whose spiritual mission they feel led to enhance. When you ask someone who tithes why they do it, you will always hear about the abundance tith-ing creates in their lives, abundance in love, friends, careers, peace and financial resources. Tithing is about FAITH – The knowingness that Life Itself will meet your every need and fulfill your every desire. Tithing is about GRATITUDE – Knowing that Source is already showering you with all the Good that you have received. Tithing is about Living in the Flow of Life!

Why Do We Have an Annual Pledge Campaign?

CSLDallas is a dynamic, powerful, diverse, and thriving community. Part of being a viable community is providing a planned giving campaign for our members. Planned giving follows the principles of the Science of Mind by providing each of us a channel to invest in making a positive change in ourselves and our world. This campaign also allows us to address our financial needs once a year, freeing the other months to nourish our spirit.

If My Circumstances Change During the Year, Can I Change My Pledge?

Yes. You may increase or decrease your pledge at any time. This program is not designed to be a bill you owe, but rather a gift you give that transforms your life, through spiritual prosperity principles, and the life of our spiritual community. Once a quarter, you will receive information about your giving so you’ll know where you are with respect to your contribution.

How Does It Work?

Each member and friend of CSLDallas receives a letter from the Center that includes a Pledge Card. You are asked to prayerfully and thoughtfully make a specific dollar pledge to be given during the following year (January 1 to December 31). You may give your financial gifts, offerings or tithes on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or, annual basis. You can fill out a Pledge Card online or return a physical card to the Center by mail, or in the offering on any Sunday.

Does the Money Committed in This Campaign Pay for All the Expenses in Our Approved Center's Budget?

The answer is no. However, the intent of the campaign is to cover most of our expected expenses through regular, consistent giving. Generally speaking, the goal of the campaign is to raise approximately 94% of the approved budget. The balance of the money used to operate the Center comes from classes, seminars, workshops and non-pledged gifts. Most importantly, our efforts allow the leadership of CSLDallas to accurately forecast the income, which enables us to make better financial decisions and to be better stewards. In other words, we use these commitments as a compass to guide us.

What if I Don’t Think I Can Pledge Right Now?

This is clearly an individual’s choice
and we will support any decision you make. However, we encourage you to thoughtfully consider what making a pledge will mean for you. Ernest Holmes, Founder of Science of Mind, teaches us that what we can see in our mind becomes our reality. Simply stated, if we see ourselves with growing resources, we create our personal expansion. Think about committing yourself to a goal and trusting the Law of Prosperity, thus continuing to build a world full of individuals who have trusted Spirit to provide based on their willingness to give. Do you really have anything to lose, other than fear and limitation?