2019 Annual Theme

Hold The Vision – Be The Power – Soar With Love

Sometimes you just have to go back to the basics. January is the perfect time to go back to the fundamental principles and practices of the Science of Mind. And what are the basics of the Science of Mind?

First, Unity – there is a fundamental, underlying, spiritual Unity and Wholeness which is the source and cause of EVERYTHING! We call it God, the Thing Itself, Life, the Universal Ultimate Reality, and Consciousness. We recognize that all Creation is part of this Unity and that everything and all beings express some of this Consciousness. We discover this Infinite as the very Presence of Life within ourselves.

Second, Love and Law – there is an impulse to Creation. This trajectory is Love – the causal urge of the Infinite, Absolute Divine Reality to express Itself and give of Itself to creation. This Love is the desire of Life to express more life, Joy to express more Joy, Peace to express more Peace and very quality of the ONE to continually express more of that quality. That is how much the Divine Loves! To give all of Itself, all the time, into all of creation! This impulse creates in an orderly, understandable process. This Creative Process is based on Universal Laws and Principles that are automatic and constant. The twin pillars of our teachings are Love and Law.

Third, Co-Creation – that we can discover, understand, and use this Creative Process because we share in the nature of Infinite Divine Reality, “made in the image and likeness of God.” Our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes form the impress of our life urge which the Universal Laws use to create our life and experiences. We are the author of our life, neither victim nor by-stander, and joyfully express our deepest, truest desires. As we align with Life Itself, we are propelled and supported into the growth of our greater-yet-to-be!

Hold the Vision of the highest, most fulfilled life you can imagine. Be the Power of co-creation in your own life and contribute to the lives of all beings everywhere. Soar, supported by the Love of the Divine Presence, over all obstacles and difficulties, into the joyous sunshine of a grounded, centered, spiritually aligned life. May CSLDallas, this January, fuel the next stage of your spiritual evolution and personal journey.