Our 2019 Annual Theme

Hold The Vision – Be The Power – Soar With Love

Are you ready to move beyond stress into Joy? Are you ready to manifest and grow areas of your life into something more fulfilling? Are you ready to celebrate the gift that you are and the contribution you make to the world? Are you ready to ease into greater peace and the experience of the Divine Presence?

If you’re ready, then CSLDallas is the place to be in 2019! Our year unfolds a powerful process for manifestation and the celebration of the joyous life we are each destined to experience.

Hold the Vision – we begin with our consciousness and what we see, imagine, believe and accept to be true about our lives. To grow a greater experience in any area of life we have to grow our consciousness about that area, in other words we have to create and maintain better or bigger Vision about what’s possible. In February, we will be growing our Vision about healthy intimate relationships, in March we turn to expanding our vision for our prosperity, and in April we expand our ability to experience the Presence, creating a deeply spiritually grounded vision for our lives as a whole. In every case we will deepen in our ability to create and hold the vision for a life aligned with the highest vibration of Love and co-creation we can imagine.

Be The Power – learn to Manifest! In metaphysics we learn that what we focus on grows and in the Science of Mind we learn that our thinking and our intention directs the Universal Power. We deliberately and intentionally engaged with the Laws of Life to manifest our vision. We absolutely believe we can manifest the full, rich, joyous life we imagine, but we are responsible for the way in which we align with and use this Power. In May, we explore The Creative Process and how to use it to manifest in our lives. In June, we turn our attention to our most important spiritual technology for manifestation – Spiritual Mind Treatment. In July, we explore other  tools and techniques for manifestation, and we wrap it up in August with a deeper understanding and application of the Laws of Attraction, Circulation, and Co-respondence so that we can truly  “Be the Power” in our own lives.

Soar With Love – spiritual living and applying spiritual principles does not guarantee that life doesn’t have its challenges. The Science of Mind does, however, give us tools and techniques that allow us to soar over or through any obstacles. Living in alignment with spiritual laws and practicing our spiritual principles absolutely supports us in soaring to greater heights and manifesting a joyous, harmonious, meaningful life. Since we know that this impulse for the life is the very impulse of Love itself, we soar through our lives with Love, being and bringing love into every situation and circumstance whether in our own lives, in the lives of the people around us, or in the world. In September we are actively supporting you in letting your life soar and in creating greater prosperity in October. Our soaring is intimately tied to the soaring of all people, all life, and all creation so we turn to creating a world that works for everyone through Spirituality in Action in November, and finally we explore the ground from which we soar through the rituals and blessings of the Holiday Season.