December at CSLDallas

December Theme – Take Up The Light

Holidays at CSLDallas

From natural disasters, to divisive media, to a polarized culture – we can feel overwhelmed with the possibilities of calamity. Where do we find comfort, hope, and strength? We find it when we connect to the beat of the heart – the heart of the universe, our own heart, and heart-to-heart. We find it when we lift each other up. We find it when we seek to illumine the path. We find it in the Light of awareness and Spiritual Truth. So this year for the holidays, CSLDallas invites you to come together in comfort, hope, and strength. Let’s hold each other’s hands in the Light of Love, whether we agree or not. Let’s seek illumination in the world’s spiritual traditions and rituals. Let’s find strength in our Spiritual Principles. Let’s practice taking up the Light and shining it into wherever we perceive darkness and fear. We’ve created a season of services and celebrations to connect to the heart beat, to share the Love and Take Up the Light. Find your comfort, hope, and strength in our community and our teachings.


Sunday Talk Themes & Holiday Events:

Sunday, Dec 3  – Connecting in the Light

Not everyone loves the holidays. So many memories, losses, and disappointments can dim the light in our lives. We come together to held each other’s hands as we acknowledge this year’s losses or a lifetime of challenge. Accompanied by the heartbeat of the universe, we gather in our Blue Holiday Ritual to connect in the Light.

Sunday, Dec 10 – The Miracle of Light

Spiritual teachings from around the world focus on Light and the miracle of illumination. Now through quantum physics science is, too. What does this have to do with our ordinary life and our busy holidays? Exploring the Miracle of Light reminds us that everything is holy, even our most ordinary moments can be brought into the Light. We acknowledge the illumination from Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, and the Birthday of Mohammed.

Sunday, Dec 17 – Light Shining in the Darkness

Sometimes it seems that we have turned from a long day of Light to a long night of darkness. Whether we feel this way personally, professionally, or collectively, there is ancient wisdom in befriending the darkness while affirming the Light. The Winter Solstice guides us into deeper balance and harmony with the yin and yang of Life.

Sunday, Dec 24 – Take Up the Light

(No morning events)

5:00 – 5:45pm – Christmas Pageant exploring the Metaphysical Meaning of the Christian Nativity Story
This year our family service is presented by our JOY Village and Arts Ministry. While our kids provide a retelling of the words that we are so familiar with, the adults will guide us into our own birthing of the Christ Consciousness.

6:30 – 8:00pm – Candle Lighting Service and Ritual
Explore and celebrate how we Take Up the Light of Love and the Christ Consciousness in our own lives. We all have a powerful story of seeking the Light. This year, let’s become finders of this Light! Our evening features music by the TranSiberian Orchestra performed by our CSLDallas Choir and Soloists, accompanied by special guest Steve Curry and our fabulous CSLDallas band.

Cider and cookies will be provided after each celebration.

Sunday, Dec 31 – The Light of Community

There is power in coming together to explore the values and intentions we hold with each other. Sometimes our spirituality focuses solely on our own Light, yet our Light is brighter when we gather together with others in community. Kwanzaa reminds us that we are stronger together than we are individually, and that our Light becomes a beacon to the world when we commit and live in a way the binds us to each other.

Monday, Jan 1, 2018 – Ignite the Power Within

12:00pm – 2:00pm – Burning Bowl Ritual
Are you ready to Ignite the Power Within YOU in 2018?  Each year we come together to release the past and to prepare for the future. Don’t drag anything from 2017 into the New Year. Set new intentions and ignite your life in 2018. This powerful and joyous ritual is the perfect way to start your year off right – with your spiritual community supporting you every step of the way.


Book of the Month

A Force for Good: The Dalai Lama’s Vision for Our World by Daniel Goldman

An inspiring book about how to take our Science of Mind philosophy’s of Love, Inclusivity, Peace, and Power and move it into compassionate action.  How do we be “The Light” which Ernest Holmes says is in each one of us.  Here’s a great opportunity to explore what that looks like in rea terms, in everyday life, and in our world to.  A heart-opening read for the holidays.  Remember, you are a co-creator, a light worker! Every one of our actions, choices and words has the possibility of bringing light to any situation. Let’s raise our conscious awareness and our vibrational rate and Be The Light this holiday season!



Friday Night Lights – Drum Circle: Friday, December 1 @ 7:00pm

The Happiness Project Book Study: Saturday, December 2 @ 10:00am

Qigong for LIFE: Every Saturday @ 12:30pm

Friday Night Lights – Sacred Sounds: Friday, December 8 @ 7:00pm

Friday Night Lights – Kirtan Meditation:  Friday, December 15 @ 7:00pm

Christmas Pageant: Sunday, December 24 @ 5:00pm

Candle Lighting Service and Ritual: Sunday, December 24 @ 6:00pm