Circles of Life

African American Circle


Purpose: To welcome, embrace, and provide a Circle that allows opportunities for African American members/visitors/guests at CSLDallas, to connect in our spiritual, physical, social, and emotional lives together.

1. To be supportive in the lives of each other - our elders, families, children, and youth - as we explore various facets of our spiritual and social lives together at CSLDallas.
2. To be vigilant with our communication, care, and concern within our CSLDallas community and beyond.
3. To honor our physical presence, as African American members/visitors, attending outreach and celebrations with each other throughout our various interactions within our CSLDallas community.
4. To show up as our authentic selves, sharing our gifts/talents with each other, our CSLDallas community, and beyond.

Meeting Information: The circles meets on the third Sunday of each month. It is hosted by someone in the group, intermittently from North to South, to allow travel distances to be equitable for our members. Please email the leader of the circle to find out the time and location of the meeting.

Leader of Circle: Lydia Perry,, 214.502.2438

Canal de Luz Circle


Purpose: The purpose of this Spanish speaking circle is to be the Channel of Light where openhearted acceptance and support reflects the essence of beauty of all Hispanic cultures. Canal de Luz, (Channel of Light) brings love, honesty and trust as a vital part of the One; manifesting a World that Works for all.

Description: During our monthly meetings we share our individual and collective experiences, our lives, our hopes, our highest aspirations as to who we are. Meetings are purposely Spanish speaking. We dance on occasion. We share delicious cultural dishes. We study Science of Mind books. We evolve as the circle grows.

Meeting Information: First Friday and the Third Friday of each month, except holidays, 7:00 – 9:00pm. For meeting location, please contact co-leader, Mirna Lopez via email, phone, or text.

Leaders of Circle:
Mirna Lopez,, 214.536.6519
Maria Codina


Career Circle


Purpose: This circle provides a forum with a facilitated process for individuals who want a career doing interesting and meaningful work that utilizes their skills and natural ability as well as providing a sustainable livelihood.

Description: If you are looking for a job/new job, wanting to rework your career, re-entering the workforce, exploring entrepreneurship, looking toward a retirement that includes work, or anything else related to expanding/reworking your career horizon, this circle is for you! Bring a friend… bring a resume if you have one… and bring your questions and sincere desire to explore “what’s next” for you in your career and experience the power of community.

Meeting Information: Fourth Thursday each month, except holidays, 7:00 – 9:00pm

Leader of Circle:
Carl Hunt,,


 “If we are to live in harmony with ourselves and with nature, we need to be able to communicate freely in a creative movement in which no one permanently holds to or otherwise defends his own ideas.” ~ David Bohm

Purpose: The Circle serves as a path to finding shared meaning in our community. When separateness, prejudice and biases disrupt our collective sense of balance we yearn for a wholesome response. A uniquely brilliant solution was put forth in a book written by the great 20th century thinker and theoretical physicist David Bohm. The name of Bohm’s seminal work is “On Dialogue”.
“On Dialogue” is squarely aimed at uncovering the personal biases and prejudice that exist in all of us. The Dialogue process gives each of us an opportunity to safely explore the assumptions that belie the beliefs that support separation in its many forms. Separation is simply the distance we must navigate to find shared meaning.
The Circle is a sacred container that nourishes safety, confidentiality and mutual respect. Dialogue protocols add the disciplines of suspending judgment, silence when silence happens and listening generously with intent to be influenced by shared meaning.
All are welcome! A unique feature of this Circle is that we assemble a group of around 25 people who will agree to consistently attend for a six-month period. This is because each month builds on the month before. And during this six months the Circle will be closed to drop-ins. This is because to experience true dialogue the same participants need to take part in consecutive monthly exercise to allow the rhythm to engage.

Meeting Information: On the 4th Saturday of every month we meet from 9:30 – 11:3am. We begin with a centering meditation and prayer and then begin the exercise of Dialogue. Each participant has read and considered the participant’s responsibilities. Afterwards all are welcome to go to lunch at Best Thai in Addison.

Leader of Circle: Jeff Fritts,, 469.569.8930
Facilitators:Carl Hunt and Tom Boldrey

Dinner Friends


Purpose: Dinner Friends is a wonderful group of people who meet monthly to share a covered dish dinner. Some people come every month, others come once or twice a year – there’s no commitment. We usually (but NOT always!) meet on the second Saturday of each month. Someone volunteers to Host, usually in their home, and everyone else brings a covered dish to share. A fantastic way to make new friends, and get to know people from CSLDallas better, not to mention the AMAZING food, laughter, and hugs.

Meeting Information: Usually the 2nd Saturday of each month, & usually in someone’s home. Please email the leader of the circle to find out the location of the meeting.

Leader of Circle: Kevin Prentice,, 214.934.7805

Healthy Living Circle


Purpose: This circle encourages, supports, and embraces a life exemplar of all-around goodness – meaning delicious food (organic, ayurvedic, or naturally wholesome) to nourish our insides, and fitness practices, ecofriendly home and personal care habits to nurture our outsides.

Description: During our monthly meetings, we discuss a range of health and wellness topics, and share insights on being good to our bodies, ourselves, our families, and the world around us. We listen to body fitness experts promoting sensible fitness practices, nutritious cooking and eating, and ways of life that foster practical healthy body wisdom. We develop regimes designed to encourage members to stay vibrant, live wholeheartedly, and realize their full human potential. Circle members attend venues that support wholesome intentionality (healthy restaurants, holistic fairs, health seminars, yoga events, walks and fun activities, etc.)

Meeting Information: 4th Friday of every month from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. During certain months, we may meet on a different Friday due to another event taking place at the center. Please check for specific dates in Events section.

Leaders of Circle:
Scott Boeckle,, 214.514.1112
Liz Rockvoan,, 214.789.6395

In-Powered Living Circle

Purpose & Meeting Information: An uplifting class/discussion group that meets every Friday night at CSLDallas from 7 – 9:00pm

  • In-powered Living – living life more from a place of love, joy and inspiration
  • Bringing out the best in you and the people you interact with
  • Raising mass consciousness one person at a time
  • Enhancing and maintaining the connection with the divine within
  • Transcending limiting beliefs and habits
  • Consciously creating and attracting more of what you really want in your life

The group is open to all. There is no cost or required pre-studying needed before attending the group. People are free to attend as their schedule permits.

Utilizing complementary content from a range of authors including current experts in the fields of: psychology, sociology, medicine, biology and metaphysics including Abraham-Hicks. Along with original material developed by Rob Brite.

Each week’s topic is posted by the previous Sunday night at and the Dallas Law of Attraction Meetup page.

Leader of Circle: Rob Brite,, 214-267-8166


Purpose: Bringing the CSLDallas LGBTQIA community together in support of each other and the needs of our community. This Circle provides a safe space of equality, understanding, and acceptance for individuals to stand as their authentic selves. It inspires and encourages its members to fully participate in the building of community through social interactions, charitable deeds, education, and spiritual practices. It fosters transformation and upholds the Science of Mind philosophy that we are all One.

Meeting Information: 3rd Friday of each month. Generally 7pm, but might vary depending on event. Location varies depending on host / event

Join Our Facebook Group: CSLDallas LGBTQIA Facebook Group

Leaders of Circle:
Chuck Roundtree,, 512.779.5771
Jane Reagan,, 214.392.7271

Men’s Circle



Purpose: We meet and provide a supportive place for men to step more fully into their purpose, passion and authenticity. We seek to build trust by giving each man an opportunity to say how he feels. We aim to help each man address the issues in his life in a way that does no harm to other men, and in a way that he is in control of his own work. We strive to ensure confidentiality and emotional safety. Any man may abstain from commenting.

  • Check ins are a statement from each man in the circle as to the feelings that he wants to announce are on his heart. There is no cross talk. Each man will start with his name and have as long to speak as he takes unless he is rambling to the point of distraction. If so the moderator will ask him to finish.
  • After Check ins the moderator will ask if anyone needs to go further into a feeling or if other men would like to address a man that is dealing with a heavy burden.
  • Each meeting will have a published topic. The moderator will introduce the topic.


Meeting Information: 2nd Saturday from 10:00am to Noon.

Leaders of Circle: 
Jeff Fritts,, 469-569-8930
Carl Hunt,, 469-774-4965

Spirit Sisters of CSLDallas Circle


Our purpose is to transform our world as we transform ourselves in a sacred space that nourishes connection and creates an opportunity for deep friendships through deep listening. When we come together in equality and acceptance, we allow magic to happen. When we are seen, heard, and held we can transform out of current conditions and claim our true radiance and power.

Meeting Information: 2nd Saturday from 10:00am to Noon.

Leaders of Circle:
Sharron Raney,, 214-912-9432
Tyna Rosewood,, 469-254-0362
Tina Tinin,


Unexpected Income Club

Purpose: To become aware of ALL the Good we constantly receive and to participate in The Abundance Game of creating unexpected income. This program is designed to open your eyes to your unlimited good and clear all channels for abundance to enrich your life. You will also have the opportunity to experience the spiritual practice of tithing from your unexpected income.

Ernest Holmes said: “Expectancy speeds progress. Therefore, live in a continual state of expectancy. No matter how much good you are experiencing today, expect greater good tomorrow…Try this magic of expectancy…It makes life a game that is a joy to play.”

Meeting Information: 1st Sunday each month at CSLDallas from 12:45 – 1:30pm

Leader of Circle: Randy Hunt,, 469-733-6791

Wisdom Circle



Purpose: The purpose of the Wisdom Circle is to learn, grow, and share new dimensions of Wisdom. We focus on uncovering the abundant gifts of our expanding life-span and exploring the unchartered opportunities that some call the second-half of life. Our lives after 50 journeys are unique. More and more of us, are living into our late eighties and beyond. In our Circle, we consider aging and life transitions as windows into new dimensions of wisdom and possibilities of spiritual growth. The Wisdom Circle is a whole-group experience and whole-group container for nurturing transformation.

We may schedule special events on holidays in lieu of meetings, like gathering for a 4th of July fireworks picnic. Members are encouraged to suggest and/or lead topics of special interest and contribute their creativity to enhance the vitality of the Circle experiences.

Circle leaders provide a structure as well as a topic focus for each session, and facilitate the conversations and activities. We engage in “out-loud” personal inquiries and a collective dialogue of depth. We respect others by giving them our full attention without judging them or needing to verbally respond.  We do not give advice. We know there is nothing to be “fixed.” We do not “process” someone, or try to convince another person to a certain point of view. Members frequently say how grateful they are for the openness, support, and camaraderie the Wisdom Circle creates.

Meeting Information: The Wisdom Circle meets quarterly off-site, check with leadership.

Leaders of Circle: 
Tom Boldrey,, 217-390-6237
Avis Ives, RScP,, 972-814-7025