Spirit Doll Workshop

Spirit Doll Workshop

time 2:00 pm

April 2, 2017

Spirit Doll – A doll that emerges from the conversation between the materials and your imagination.

Make a doll from within you, using materials from without you. Val will guide the class in using wire for an armature, beautiful hand dyed silks, sea shells, inspiring objects, and hot glue guns to manifest an image of your inner spirit.

April 2, 2017
Facilitated by Valery Guignon
$20 for materials 
Love offering taken at the class

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Completed dolls will be about 12 – 18” tall, light weight, bendable and can be hung on the wall, balanced on a shelf, fly from the ceiling or given as a gift to a special friend.

This is something you will cherish. Men are welcome to make a special men’s doll.

Suggested materials for students to bring

Gloves, apron, scissors, feathers, single earring, leather scraps, interesting stones, small drift wood pieces…anything interesting to include in the completed doll.

Teacher will bring

Bendable wires, silts and other light weight fabrics, interesting odds and ends, scissors, glue guns, materials for hair, etc.