Healthy Living Circle

Healthy Living Circle

time 5:30 pm

Every Third Wednesday from

November 8, 2017

Our mission is to provide mutual support and accountability in sustaining our healthy lifestyle choices using spiritual principles and practical tools.

Purpose: We meet to provide an encouraging and supportive place for people to step fully into their healthy lifestyle.

Description:  We come together to build accountability and sustainability for each other’s healthy lifestyle choices – whether these choices are around eating, exercise, work/life balance, spiritual practice, or other areas. We create this accountability and sustainability through check-in’s and sharing spiritual and practical tools during our meetings. We also support and empower our healthy lifestyles by creating accountability partnerships for those who want one.

For whom is this Circle intended? EVERYONE 18 or older is WELCOME

What will happen during this Circles meeting? What can members, guest expect?

  • Check-ins are a statement from each person in the circle as to the accomplishments, thoughts, and feelings that are there to be shared. There is no cross-talk. Each person will start with his/her name and have as long to speak as s/he takes unless s/he is rambling to the point of distraction. If so, the moderator will ask her/him to finish.
  • After Check-in’s the moderator will ask if anyone needs to go further into a thought, feeling or practice that would be helpful to them or the group.
  • Each meeting will have a published topic or practice for discussion. The moderator will introduce the topic.

Leader(s) of Circle:  Dr Petra Weldes,  214-478-9904

Co-leader welcome, please see Dr Petra

Meeting Time: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Leaders of Circle:
Dr Petra Weldes,  214-478-9904
Co-leader welcome, please see Dr Petra