time 7:00 pm

June 30, 2017

Friday, June 30th | 7:00 – 8:30pm

Contact Improv, or CI or just “contact”, is a movement practice between two or more bodies that involves “giving weight” at the point of connection.  Think of slightly going off balance while leaning into someone because you trust your own feet to find the floor and your partner to stay in connection. In CI, that point of connection is usually a moving or “rolling point”, which can start with hands and move to arms, shoulders, back, head, hips, legs and back to hands in a spiral movement. Two or more bodies do this and voila, you have Contact Improv! Once you learn the basic principles, there are limitless possibilities in space and time for the shapes we can make through contact with other bodies.

Ever thought, I can’t get out of my head? Try someone else’s literal body weight on you, and suddenly it can feel so simple to be in your own skin!  CI is best way I know to get grounded in ungrounded times.

Here’s a video with demonstrations of seven basic CI exercises like building blocks for your dance. Watch a few minutes and you’ll get how simple this practice is. It’s more about slowing down than you might think:

I hope you will join me, Dr. Jessica Tartaro, for this all-levels introduction to my favorite movement practice. All bodies are welcome.  No experience necessary.  Wear comfortable clothing and eat lightly before.


Dr. Jessica Tartaro is a dancing psychologist.  Through playful, laser sharp facilitation, she weaves together words and movement to take group participants deeper into the fire of their creative selves.  Jessica specializes in intimacy, helping connection finds it way to open hearts and vitalized sexual beings for both individuals and couples.  She currently resides in Dallas, TX, where she teaches Contact Improv as well as community communication games when she is not at home boogying in her kitchen creating ecstatic dance mixes.  Book her for a complementary consultation that will help you come alive at