Family Scribes Book Signing

Family Scribes Book Signing

time 10:30 am

June 11, 2017

Please join us for a special book signing with community member Linda Jones after both services. Her book, Family Scribes: Writing Memories for Your Family Tree, is perfect for our June Theme!

Sunday, June 11
10:30am & 12:30pm
Outside the Sanctuary

What the book is about:

This colorful book of game activities invites players to capture their memories in writing and share them with family and friends. The multi-generational game book is perfect to use at reunions and other gatherings of family and friends. Family Scribes will provoke heartfelt storytelling and lively banter and keep you engaged for hours!
The book is available in print and eBook versions on Amazon.

From The Author:

One of the reasons I created this book is not only to encourage writing and storytelling, but to promote my mission of encouraging personal writing as a practice for self care. That is why on the back of my book I have listed the following additional benefits: 

Playing Family Scribes promotes wellness, creativity and family unity.

  • Personal writing, which is the main activity of Family Scribes, is medically-proven to improve health and well-being!
  • Producing and reading Family Scribes stories to fellow game players is a fun way to develop writing and presentation skills.
  • Playing Family Scribes encourages family bonding and fosters multi-generational communication.
  • Family Scribes activities encourage concentration and reflective thinking.

And if you need more motivation, check out what one reader says about the book:

“OMG!! If you have plans to spend time with family this summer or you are hosting family for the holidays, you need to order this book. It’s available on Amazon. I laughed all night and learned so much about the people that I thought I knew the best! For instance – my Aunt Nell loved snickers candy bars so much as a young girl that when she was asked to be the treasurer for her youngest sisters club, she gladly accepted the offer and used the club dues to buy snickers! I also learned the origin of my Uncle Wu Fang’s name, my niece Ella eats smarties candy because if you take off the “s” it spells her Daddy’s name, and my brother around the age of 10 met Rev. Abernathy in the airport and when my brother told him his name was Martin, Rev. Abernathy replied “I had a dear friend named Martin. #SoMuchFun#SoManyGoodBellyLaughs#PricelessMemories

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