Prayer for Humanity

It is in this timeless moment of Life Itself, that I pause to recognize and know that there is One Life, One Love, One Power – One Infinite, indestructible, and absolute Source. This Source [God, Spirit] expresses Itself as eternal Goodness, Loving-Kindness, and as the unabashed Givingness of Life. I know throughout all things seen and unseen that Love is the greatest power of all, there is a unity of Life expressing, and It works in alignment with Its greatest and highest Good always.

As I know that God manifests Itself as the countless, individualized expressions of the One, I know this includes me. I am part of the total interconnectedness of Life and all of Life supports me in all that I do and all that I am. I am the expression of Love and Life Itself in action as me. I am that, I am.

By the power and the authority of the One Mind, I speak the word for humanity – absolutely declaring and claiming that this is a world that works for everyone. The incarnation of Spirit is everyone and, as all people are incarnation of the One Spirit, there is no one that is “left out,” diminished, or without the full support of Life Itself. I absolutely declare that there are no limitations to our creative ideas, resources, cooperation, and care for one another. I know there is no precedent to our human experience; therefore, humanity Itself awakens to Its spiritual magnificence and the realization that Heaven is within us. We bring this Heaven to earth, now, through our ideas, love, compassion, and knowledge of the total interconnectedness of Life.

I celebrate Life Itself and Its inseparable One, Divine Wholeness. I celebrate the unabashed givingness of Life and the love that humanity expresses. I celebrate the manifestation of the word; therefore, I release this word into the Universal Law knowing in good faith and trust that it works – all the time. Absolutely knowing that this is so, I let it be. Ashe. Amen. And So It Is.

Rev Karen Fry